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Gorgeous Two Bride Wedding at the Macon Blacksmith Shop – April & Kenzi

“We met at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia in 2011. We were both playing softball for the school. For the next few years we were just friends. We both had feelings for one another, but never shared those feelings until two years later. On night we pulled an all nighter and finally shared to one another how we truly felt. I (Kenzi) planned the first proposal. It took a good couple of months to make sure it was just perfect. I planned to propose on my own birthday weekend because I knew April would be so wrapped up in making my birthday extra special for me that she wouldn’t suspect a thing. Fall was perfect timing because we have so many happy memories together during that time of the year. Before we were together we had the traditions of carving a shared pumpkin every year. I just knew that had to be part of it. The night before I proposed, April threw me a surprise birthday party. It was epic! The next morning we went to brunch in downtown Macon with our closest friends. Later, we ended up at Lane’s Packing where we planned to meet all our friends to grab a pumpkin for carving by the bonfire with a bowl of my infamous taco soup and to complete the new corn maze. We are both super competitive so I knew it would be easy to split us into a winning and a losing team. The plan was for the two teams to go in and time how long it took them to complete. Shortest time wins! We gave them a pity head start. Little did April know, my team was never going in. I strategically had our best friend on her team and memorize the quickest way out of the maze. At the end, April found a huge surprise. She ended the maze to find a white pumpkin with the words “Marry me?” and a very nervous but excited Kenzi. I got down on one knee and she said YES! It was the best early birthday present I could have ever received. I hired a photographer to capture memories of the entire thing and to have a mini photoshoot with us and our friends on that happy day. It was the best day of my life! I (April) planned to propose to Kenzi during a camping trip to Helen, Georgia. The whole trip was a surprise to Kenzi. She didn’t know the location, where we were staying, or even what we were doing while we were there. When Kenzi was younger she rode horses, so for our first day there, I planned a sunset horseback ride through the mountains in Helen. This was such a big deal because I’d never ridden a horse before. I’ll have to admit that I was terrified to ride a horse and even more nervous to ask. Even though I knew she would say yes, I wanted everything to be as perfect as it was for me when she asked. About halfway through the ride, we stopped to climb up on a tower to look out over the mountains, watch the sunset, and have a picnic. When we got to the top of the tower and started looking out at the gorgeous sunset lit mountains, I got down on my knee and popped the question. It was definitely a special moment, and I was so glad to officially ask Kenzi to be my future wife. We ended the night with blinged out pony selfies, s’mores, and a bottle of champagne gifted to us from Kenzi’s proposal. The good outdoors will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

For the wedding, April and Kenzi decided everything based on the colour mauve, lots of greenery, and pops of gold.  These three ideas helped them to create a romantic venue. They asked their officiant to speak on love of all kinds. Her message reminded them and their guests that love can be found everywhere. That love is endless. During the ceremony they prayed with their bridesmaids over their marriage. They made a circle and touched the couple while April prayed for them. Before they started, their officiant asked the guests to grab hands and also pray or bless their marriage with positivity.

Wedding decorations were brought to you by Michaels and lots and lots of DIY! April and Kenzi fell in love with the Blacksmith Shop because of how beautiful the venue was on its own. They had a tight budget paying for the wedding themselves so they knew they wanted a place that packed a lot of character on its own. The Blacksmith Shop was a perfect fit. They loved the originality of the brick and wood accents throughout the entire venue. They were also lucky enough to be able to utilise a lot of wedding pieces from their own home. Kenzi is the crafty one and was able to freehand all of the signs that were hung in the venue. The bottom line is Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to planning a wedding! They have so many colour palettes and ideas just waiting to be recreated with your own twist. “It was super easy to find a lot of cute ideas to make our wedding look come together just the way we wanted.”

“Who says you have to have real florals to create a romantic wedding space. We were struggling to stay within budget when planning to use fresh florals and seriously considered cutting them out all together. Then one day we were strolling through Micheal’s picking through some new wedding items and happened to come across the perfect centerpieces. It was a perfect find for what we envisioned with fresh florals for our wedding and so low maintenance. We do not have green thumbs so we were very grateful we did not have to try and keep them alive among all the chaos. Kenzi created our bouquets from the floral department at Kroger. They honestly had a great and affordable collection of stems. They were eager to help and a pleasure to work with. We were very excited how all the florals, fresh and artificial, were able to come together to create a hopeless romantic vibe to our wedding. Everything just turned out so beautiful.”

“We personalized our wedding vows to one another because we are far from traditional. They were the perfect fit for us! “I take you as you are, loving who you are now and who you are yet to become. I promise from this day forward to be grateful for our love and our life. To be generous with my time, my energy, and my affection. To be patient with you and with myself. To fill our life with adventure and our home with laughter. To encourage you to grow as an individual, and inspire you to do so. To love your completely. These things I pledge before you, our friends, and our family. You are my person, my love, and my life, today and always.”We used a good friend as our DJ (DJ No Name – Daniel Johnson). He is one of the best! He knows our music taste and helped us personalize the night by getting our friends and family up on the dance floor. We both love dancing! Which was one  part of the wedding we were looking forward to; the celebration with our friends! We also did the typical guest favor, a koozie. It doesn’t get more personalized then a koozie with your names on it!”

When it came to choosing their attire for the day, April has always been drawn to strapless dresses and she found the perfect one at David’s Bridal. The dress wasn’t what she envisioned for herself, but as soon as she tried it on she knew it was the one. The dress was an A-line style, with a few accents on the front of the dress. The bottom was loose, which was a must, because she knew she wanted to be comfortable and be able to break it down on the dance floor! Kenzi’s dress was what she had wanted since she started dreaming about her perfect day. She knew she wanted sleeves and lace. She found her dress at LuLu’s, and fell in love with it the second she saw it. The back of dress was opened, which was one of the best parts of the dress. “Our dresses complimented each other. We both had been trying to figure out what each other dresses would look like. The dresses did not disappoint!”

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Photography: A Blissful Moment Photography // Venue: The Blacksmith Shop // Dress Store: Davids Bridal // Beauty: Beyond Bronze Airbrush Tans & Makeup // Dress Designer: Lulus // Beauty: B. Monroe Salon // Caterer: MaMa’s Que, Stew & Country Cafe

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