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Gorgeously Wicked Styled Shoot

This gorgeously wicked halloween styled shoot was created and designed by the talented Tiffany Fleming and every detail is simply stunning! If you wanted luxury gothic wedding inspiration then here you have it! I’ve never seen a shoot with so many black elements and moody vibes that has managed to still look super elegant and romantic at the same time. I’ve seen a million traditional weddings and yet this very untraditional gorgeously wicked wedding took my breath away… so elegant and SO gorgeous. Perfect for fall, and this time of year… There aren’t enough black love heart emojis to explain how this shoot makes me feel.

When the details give you the chills…

Tiffany says that this exact tablescape has been playing in her head over and over… and the day of the shoot Lexi of Lettered by Luth walked in with her hand written vow scrolls and Areli Event Design brought it all to life with their amazing table design!

When asked what her inspiration for this gorgeously wicked styled shoot was, Tiffany said “you know, being a wedding photographer I’ve shot and covered hundreds of weddings. I know nowadays, social media, wedding blogs and Pinterest plays a huge role in wedding planning… I wanted to create a wedding for those who may not want the traditional white dress wedding, or maybe someone who loves Halloween or even the couple who wants their date to be different all without sacrificing elegance, class or the feel of a beautiful wedding.”

“Sometimes as a creative you have to just create what you envision so that you can share it and hope to stimulate a different trend or even give that person, who may not even know they want a different perspective”

She admitted that at first it was hard to sell the vision to the styled shoot team especially with the whole “Halloween” descriptive, everyone thought of a campy, party city or even weird Halloween vibe… but she told them that she wanted to keep the beauty in weddings and the elegance…

This super talented full time photographer has recently started a new business called The Counterfeit Wedding where she’s started designing and creating styled shoots for videographers and photographers that can attend and just show up and shoot! This is such a great idea for networking, learning, making new relationships with fellow photographers, and of course gaining new content for their businesses!
It can be so beneficial attending a styled shoot. You don’t have to worry about time planning it, cost to stage it all or even having to book the venue or location, you can just show up and shoot and have fun! The Counterfeit Wedding have styled shoots all year long and we plan to take it nationwide in 2020!

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Gorgeously Wicked Styled Shoot

Photography: Tiffany Fleming // Venue: The Christmas House Inn // Concept & Design: The Counterfeit Wedding // Videographer: Alan Fleming // Florist: Nicole of Averi K Designs // Hair & Makeup: Paty Rodriguez // Chairs & Linens: Pull up a Chair Event Rental’s // Tablescape: Areli Event Design // Calligraphy: Lexi of Lettered by Luth // Cake: Espie Bakes // Invite Suite & Table Escort: Allison of Wild Joy Studios // Suit: Friar Tux Rancho Cucamonga // Models: Tiffany DorakJosh Dorak

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  1. Alona

    October 31st, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    So dark, moody and beautiful!

  2. Khadijah Abdullah

    October 31st, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Very stunning and dark at the same time! Is that a thing? I love this look!

  3. Weddings & Events by Raina

    November 1st, 2019 at 2:43 am

    Oh my goodness!! I am absolutely IN LOVE!! This is so dramatic! And that black wedding dress is to die for!!

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