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Grande Ritz Palm Wedding on the Outer Banks – Cristen & Tim

Cristen was always Miss Independent. She moved to the Northern VA/DC Metro area immediately post college in 2010 and lived by herself in the suburbs of the big city – Arlington –> Alexandria –>?? In June 2014 looking to break out of “comfort zone”, Cristen decided to move into her idea of city apartment in Merrifield, VA. Think metro, outdoor shopping with condos/apts above, grocery store, bars, etc all within walking distance. On a Saturday morning (two weeks after move-in), Cristen headed to the pool. This was early, like 9 am early. Men don’t lay out.. or so I thought. The only other person there was Tim. Of course, he immediately caught her attention! Neither said a word. Hours went by… A neighbour (who was referred to as the “Mayor”) orchestrated an introduction and a whole pool party at that. Cristen went out with Tim and his friends to the local bar that evening and they have seen other every day since. Tim was the reason Cristen went out of her comfort zone and oh by the way, he lived right above her!

Tim and Cristen made weeknight plans to go to their local neighbourhood spot (Glory Days) that Thursday. Cristen came home from work, prepared to go to Glory Days and Tim mentioned a house with beautiful Christmas lights he wanted to show Cristen near the lake (Lake Newport) by the house. “He knows I love looking at lights, so this was a no brainer and easy yes by me. We get to the lake and no Christmas lights to be seen. At this point, Cristen is curious – Tim assures her once we get to water, we will be able to see! We get to the dock on Lake Newport, still no lights. Tim looks to Cristen and says “There may not be lights, but there is probably something in my pocket you will like better” and proceeds to drop to his knee! Water is special to both of us, hence the location.”

When it came to their wedding vision, they wanted part backyard wedding/part delicate beach vibe! Simple, yet elegant. Calm and serene. Pink pastels, naturals, blues… Maybe unique, but Cristen never had a “dream” wedding. Cristen and Tim both grew up on water, Cristen on Deep Creek Lake in MD and Tim on the Patuxent River in MD. They took their first vacation to the beach (in the Outer Banks), met at a pool, and got engaged at the lake. Their love has centered around water and they knew they wanted to get married on or near water. Didn’t know they could make the Outer Banks work. They wanted a “backyard wedding”. Get married on the beach and party at the beach house after. Who knew they would find the most elegant mansion in Duck, NC!

The most important to the two of them while planning was the comfort of our family and friends. Cristen and Tim chose to get married at a venue where they continued to vacation with friends and family for a week following. The venue was where they splurged, to give everyone an experience they would never forget!

This happy couple didn’t have a wedding cake. Given Cristen is from Pittsburgh, PA, they chose the infamous “Pittsburgh Cookie Table”. It served as the wedding dessert, as well as the favors.

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Photography: Neil GT Photography // Venue: Grande Ritz Palm // Floral: Renee Landry Events // Rentals: Renee Landry Events // Hair & Makeup: Salty Hair Salon // Event Design: Renee Landry Events // Officiant: I Do OBX Weddings // DJ: OBX Music Masters // Catering: Mulligan’s Grille // Submitted via: Matchology

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