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Grey Towers National Historic Site Wedding – Stephanie & Jason

“Jason and I both attended Delaware Valley High School, but we were too far apart in age (with him being a senior while I was a freshman) to really know each other during that time. I knew that he existed because I was great friends with his sister, Krystal, but never thought much of it.In the Spring of 2010, Jason and I both attended a party for a mutual (best) friend, Eric. Eric was about to leave for the Air Force, so he had a going away party. My best friend, Brittany, was dating Eric at the time (they’re happily married now!!), so I of course attended. We only talked for a few minutes while at the party, but Jason had made a lasting impression on me. I knew I wanted to get to know him better, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.Fast forward a month- Facebook brings us together. I was working as a Desk Assistant at my college dorm and was constantly bored. I took to Facebook to ask for a new TV show to watch while at work. Jason messaged me, asking about what kind of shows I liked. After getting made fun of for the girly shows I liked, he recommended that I watch Dexter. He then slipped his number in there and told me to “text him to let him know how I like it.” After one episode, I was hooked on Dexter. After this, we constantly texted. The text turned into phone calls, and once school finished for the semester and I returned home for the summer, we started hanging out. After a few months, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We’ve been together ever since!

Jason and I had been dating for four years at the time of the proposal, two of which we’ve lived together, so marriage had been a topic of conversation for a while. On the day before our four year anniversary, Jason surprised me with the best proposal ever. I thought we were simply heading to my parents for family dinner, but Jason had other plans in mind. We made a detour and wound up at the place where Jason and I first met. As soon as we turned down that road, I knew something was up! But what he had planned was far beyond my expectations. The place we met is a community clubhouse, where four years ago a mutual friend held a going away party. But on this day, the clubhouse was transformed. A white runner ran down the center of the clubhouse, outlined with candles and covered in rose petals. Hanging from the ceiling were almost 100 pictures of us together from throughout the years. At the end of a runner were candles in the shape of a heart with rose petals filling the center. After admiring the pictures through tear-filled eyes, we made it to the end of the runner. Jason got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said YES!

Our sisters were hiding in the background, taking pictures and videos, waiting to congratulate us. They had wine in hand and a photographer (my younger sister) ready to go! Not only do we have the memory of this amazing day, but we have it captured on film. After taking what seemed like hundreds of pictures, I called my closest friends and family to let them know the news.Eventually, we made it to my parents house for “a family dinner” where the surprises continued. Jason’s parents were there with my parents waiting to congratulate us. My oldest sister, along with her husband and four children, were also there. Jason had arranged it so that the most important people, the ones he knew I would want to share this day with, were there.Thanks to my amazing fiance, I not only have a beautiful ring, I also have an unforgettable memory of the day the rest of our lives began.

It may be cliche, but my favourite part of our wedding was having all of our friends and family in one place, celebrating the happiest moment of my life. We have such a big family, and an amazing group of friends, but it’s never easy to get a lot of them in one place. Having everyone together made our day.”

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Photographer: Valerie & Co. Photographers // Venue: Grey Towers National Historic Site // Event Designer: Alyssa Desiderio // Calligrapher: GG and Gold // Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids // Dress Designer: Justin Alexander // Equipment Rentals: Rent-E-Vent

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