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Heinz History Center Wedding – Laura & Tommy

In the autumn of 2013, Tommy and Laura met whilst they were both students at Marshall University in West Virginia. Once they began talking, they dated shortly after and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

Laura says that when it came to the proposal “Tommy is someone who tries his hardest to always surprise me, but is not the best at keeping secrets. Any time a holiday or birthday came up, I always found out what I was getting or what we were doing before the actual celebration. So when the day came for him to propose, I was sure I would know when and where it would be happening.

“One Friday, Tommy mentioned he had a site visit in Santa Monica early in the day. He said I should come with him because it would only take 15 minutes, and we could then enjoy the rest of the day for a ‘date night.’ I didn’t think anything of it because we have done this before. 

“Friday rolled around and we were on our way down to Santa Monica. Tommy received a call from work saying his client cancelled at the last minute. Because we were halfway there already, his work just let him have the rest of the day off. We parked at the beach, and Tommy suggested we go to the pier first to watch the sunset.

“We walked all the way to end and down the stairs to enjoy it. After a minute or so, we started to walk up the stairs. Tommy said to me, ‘You know Laura, I want to spend the rest of my life with you…’ As he was saying this to me, we had reached the top of the stairs, and then everything happened in a matter of seconds. Across from me, four people stood with signs spelling out the words: “Will you marry me?” (I later found out these were my friends who had flown in for this!) Behind Tommy, there were street performers singing ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars, and a photographer was capturing every single moment (thanks, Flytographer!). Tommy got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ – and I said ‘Yes!’

“I was in awe and, quite frankly, extremely surprised! I had no clue he had this up his sleeve and could not believe all the details he had planned for this exact moment. It was just a typical Friday evening that turned into a day filled with surprise, excitement, laughter and celebration that we will never forget.”

The colours of this wedding day were peach, blush and greenery. Laura had the wedding colours picked out for a while. Peach (the primary colour) is meaningful because when she was little, her grandmother (on her mother’s side who is 100% Italian and was fluent in Italian) called her “piccinina”; which means little girl in Italian. From there, her dad shortened the saying (and Americanized it a bit) by calling her “my peach”. “He rarely calls me anything other than peach, and it’s always been my thing. When my grandmother passed, I knew I wanted to honour her in a way, and I have “piccinina” tattooed on my foot.”

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Photographer: Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers // Venue: Heinz History Center // Floral Designer: Blumengarten Florist // DJ: Pittsburgh DJ Company // Transportation: Molly’s Trolley’s // Makeup Artist: Ciel Cosmetics // Beauty: Classic Hair and Makeup // Cake Designer: Bella Christies and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique // Caterer: Common Plea Catering // Linens & Coverings: Mosaic, Inc.

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