Accessories for your Hen Party – Pink & Gold

Hen party, bachelorette, stagette, call it what you wish! The idea is to have a party in honour of the bride to be and enjoy yourself with your gal pals. At Let’s Bee Together we love a get together as much as the next person but we think it’s all about accessories – after all, how else would people know what was going on? Hen party accessories will set the tone for the overall event – we love sashes, crowns, and all that jazz that you wouldn’t ordinarily rock up to work in, and we’re big lovers of pink and gold (in case you couldn’t tell) so that’s the theme we’re going with here.

After scouring the internet, we’ve come across some lovely things for you to drool over and give you a bit of inspiration for your upcoming hen party. Keep your eyes peeled for future posts with different colour schemes!

Imagine rocking up to a hen party and being given a tote bag full of fun goodies – oh my gosh we would be even more excited than we already were! Kelly Connor Designs has loads of different bags for your perfect party!

Hen party accessories - Bride tribe tote bags - by Kelly Connor DesignsHen party accessories - hen and bridesmaid tote bags - by Kelly Connor Designs

And then you find out the hen party planner has bought a hamper from Team Hen and you get all these goodies! The tote bag you just got given is full of loads of hen party accessories – wish bracelets, party badges, hair ties, vanity mirrors, nail files, paper straws – #winner! As well as one ring balloon and one Kiss For The Mrs print.

Hen party accessories - Hen party hamper - by Team BrideHen party accessories - Hen party hamper balloon & kiss to the mrs - by Team BrideHen party accessories - Hen party hamper nail file, bracelets, hair ties - by Team BrideHen party accessories - Hen party hamper badges and vanity mirrors - by Team Bride

Also inside your bag is a personalised alcoholic hen party lollipop from Holly’s Lollies.

These cute pops come in a variety of different flavours such as strawberry daiquiri, raspberry mojito, cherry amaretto, pina colada, and even more – you should check them out (and if you want to send some our way then we won’t say no)!

Hen party accessories - Personalised alcoholic hen party lollipops - by Team Bride

Then everybody is given a hen party sash from Le Rose Gifts! These sashes come in fourteen different colours but our favourites are definitely these pink and champagne shades <3 If you want to look classy but fun then these hen party accessories are a must have!

Hen party accessories - Who let the hen's out - by Le RoseHen party accessories - Various pink sashes - by Le RoseHen party accessories - Who let the hen's out sash - by Le Rose

And you go to grab a drink and they’re all personalised with these fabulous swizzle sticks by Suzy Q Designs! Give us glitter, pink or gold any day of the week please 🙂 We’ve decided that every day is a special occasion if it means that we can use these glittery goodies on a regular basis.

Hen party accessories - Personalised swizzle sticks - by Suzy Q Designs

You look around the room and it’s decorated with balloons everywhere – the room looks bloomin’ fantastic!
When we came across Bubblegum Balloons we were amazed. They have “Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honour/page boy/flower girl” etc. balloons to ask special people to be part of your wedding party. As well as balloons with confetti, feathers, pretty tassels, oh my gosh they have so many options!! These ones are just a couple that we fell in love with for some hen party accessories.

Hen party accessories - Bride tribe balloon bundle - by Bubblegum BalloonsHen party accessories - Love, Party, Yay balloons - by Bubblegum BalloonsHen party accessories - Party time pink balloons (with a flamingo! Woo woo!) - by Bubblegum BalloonsHen party accessories - Various balloon assortments - by Bubblegum Balloons

You sit down for a moment and notice there’s cute little bottles of bubbly scattered around the room with personalised labels on them from Peach Blossom! This party is getting better and better with every minute – surrounded by the best friends, goodies galore, the decorations are fantastic, and the thought that has gone into every detail is mind blowing!

Hen party accessories - Personalised wine bottle labels - by Peach Blossom

Imagine when the party is in full swing and you’re all taking selfies with various props such as these ones from Postbox Party.

Hen party accessories - Photo props - by Postbox PartyHen party accessories - Photo selfie props - by Postbox Party

Of course, when the day has been and gone, you’ve recovered from a hangover and you’ve got lots of amazing photos to show the world, you could print out your images and pop them in this lush little hen party photo album. Not enough people print out photos nowadays (in our opinion) so we’re huge fans of these leather albums by Be Golden to treasure your memories in!

Hen party accessories - Hen party photo album - by Be GoldenHen party accessories - Hen party photo album details - by Be Golden

These are just some of the pink & gold hen party accessories that we love – check out our Pinterest for more ideas!

We’d love to hear about what any happily married brides did for their hen party – please leave us a comment below, or if you’ve got some fantastic photos of a recent bachelorette you attended then send them over and we may just share them with the world.

Accessories for your Hen Party – Pink & Gold

Tote bags: Kelly Connor Designs // Hen party hamper: Team Hen // Personalised alcoholic lollipops: Holly’s Lollies // Sashes: Le Rose Gifts // Swizzle sticks: Suzy Q Designs // Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons // Wine bottle labels: Peach Blossom // Photo props: Postbox Party // Photo albums: Be Golden

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