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Historic Charleston Engagement – Sara & John

Sara and John met at work in 2011 when she started an internship at the office John worked for. They slowly got to know each other and then one day he asked her to lunch. To be more specific, Sara said “I had already eaten, but when he asked I said I was ‘starving!’ Needless to say, we both barely touched our food.” They started going on casual dates, and then their love began to flourish. After suspicion grew around the office, they decided to fill their boss in on their news and make it official with HR. Ever since that day they have been going on adventures, eating sushi together, watching Netflix documentaries and hanging out with their closest friends.

They love the beautiful city of Charleston, so they decided to use the gorgeous historic district as their backdrop for engagement photos. They wandered down the beautiful streets by the Battery, they walked along the water, and through White Point Garden. They stumbled upon a beautiful renovated Ford Motel T, and of course, had to add it as a prop to their photos. These timeless homes and quiet streets always seem to add such a cinematic quality to any romantic moment.

Thank you to Riverland Studios for sharing these photos with us.

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