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How to find your perfect wedding photographer

Firstly, be prepared to drink a lot of tea, coffee and a few cocktails along the way!

Today there are so many photographers at different price points, packages, features and skills… the easiest way to pick your photographer is to meet them. It sounds cliche but it’s true. If you have 5 photographers at the same price with the same style of work, the only way to pick one is to meet them and then your decision will be easier. We spoke to Nisha from Your Choice Photography and she was happy to give us a few tips for how to find your perfect wedding photographer.

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1. It can feel like a mine field – that’s normal! Start by look at what photography style you like… whether you pull out magazine pages or have a Pinterest board, simply save all the images/photography you’re drawn too the most. This will help you find the style of photographer you’re looking for.

2. If you need to have a budget define it, I always say if you love someone’s work and just out of your budget, meet them because if you love their work and get along like a house on fire then it’s best to stretch a little for quality.

3. If you’ve not found a photographer yet, Start searching. Search areas around your venue and local to you. Some photographers travel, I travel the England at no extra cost and ask only that my accommodation/travel is paid for outside of that. The services remain the same price.

4. Once you’ve found a set of people whose work you love, schedule a meeting with them. Don’t be afraid of meeting for a cuppa, looking at their work and products and just having a general chat. This person is going to spend one of the best days of your life with you, you should be happy that you’ll be spending all day with this person.

5. Book! Pay the deposit, work out the financials, ask any questions you haven’t already. 

As a photographer, of course, I believe that photography is one of the most important pieces to secure for your wedding. After the day itself you’re left with a ring, your partner and your photographs…shouldn’t they all be amazing?

My tagline is #BeFearlessleyYou As a portrait & wedding photographer I believe that photography means different things to different people…to me? It’s the opportunity to capture a moment and freeze it forever… to show you the most beautiful photograph you’ve ever seen of yourself! To capture you and your loved ones in the most natural and romantically beautiful way. It’s a celebration that remains to be cherished.

When i’m not photographing I love to travel. Getting to visit the quaint little beauties that lay in the hidden streets of authenticity, enjoying food and occasionally being a homebody with my love and a good Yorkshire cuppa. You may remember Nisha’s beautiful Disney The Little Mermaid Styled Shoot which we featured recently, and here’s just a selection of photographs from two of her favourite weddings this year.

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