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How to Help get Your Wedding Published

So you’re getting married, you hired an incredible wedding photographer, and you really want to get your wedding published on an online wedding blog or in a wedding magazine. How do you do it? Well luckily for you, my name is Jessica Hunt, and I have been a professional wedding photographer for eight years and published over 150 times in my career. Today I’m going to share with you a few simple easy things you can do to help your wedding photographer get your wedding and your wedding photos published on an online blog or magazine.


Host a gorgeous day

The first step just might be something that it goes without saying, but I just have to mention it; host a gorgeous wedding day! No, but really!! Host a gorgeous day! Provide your photographer with gorgeous things to photograph like unique details about your love story and what you and your partner care about. An array of details throughout the day, from getting ready to the reception, is super important when attempting to get a wedding published. Be sure to be intentional about letting your vendors and photographer know about the special little details and things included in your day so they can feature them and include that in their submission to wedding blog editors. I know that you’re probably trying to balance your budget and your dream wedding day at the same time, but just remember the more gorgeousness that you have for your wedding vendors to work with, the more chance of getting featured your wedding day will have!


Hire the best wedding vendors in your area

The next step in helping your wedding photographer and vendor team get your wedding day images published is ensuring that you’re hiring the best of the best so your wedding day stands out amongst the rest. If you want to see your wedding day images featured in a print magazine, but you’re not willing to invest in your wedding day’s overall decor and aesthetic, you’re fighting yourself! Hiring the best of the best in your area will increase your chances of seeing your wedding day images featured or published. Not only will you have the best team available to work on your day, but you also have the most beautiful decor, event styling, and details for your wedding photographer to capture! It goes without saying that you have to have a really incredible wedding photographer for your day to be published, as well, right?


Provide your photographer with other vendor information

Another step in helping your wedding photographer get your wedding published is by ensuring that you provide your wedding photographer and other vendors with as much information about your wedding day and the team that you’ve hired as you can. Things like names, websites, and email addresses of each of the vendors included in your wedding day and a detailed description of your colors, theme, and plans are very important when your photographer is submitting your wedding day images. They are going to be crediting each of the vendors involved in your wedding day in that submission to ensure the entire team gets credit for their hard work. It is very hard to do that if their client does not provide them with all of that information. Getting all of this really important information to your photographer before the wedding day is paramount in helping them achieve a really great feature.  It also allows all of your wedding vendors to connect with each other and network within the wedding community to continue to serve wonderful couples just like you, as well. So do not forget that half of the battle of have seeing your wedding day published is on you, because your vendors cannot know the details and vendor team on your wedding day unless you tell them!


Tell your love story

Another way you can help your wedding photographer get your wedding published is by providing with them all the information they might need to know about your love story. Be sure to sit down and write out how you and your future spouse met, how the proposal went down, and maybe a little bit about you two as a couple. Another great thing to include in this little write up for your photographer would be a bit about your wedding day plans, why you chose the things that you did, and anything that you thought was super unique or different! Often times blogs and wedding magazines are looking for content to inspire other couples planning their wedding that are just like you. Other couples want to hear about why you made the decisions you made for your wedding day and how you thought of them! Explaining why you used a certain theme, vendor, or color and in a small write up for your photographer could really help make their submission of your wedding images stand out to an editor searching for unique love stories and wedding days to feature!


Give your photographer extra time

Another way that you can help your photographer get your wedding day images published is by allowing them the time that they will need on your wedding day to adequately capture all of these special little details that you’ve prepared. If you want to see your wedding published in a large wedding magazine or blog, but only give your wedding photographer 15 minutes to photograph all of the details you prepared, what are you doing? Photographers are artists, and they need time to be able to create the beautiful gorgeous images that we all see scattered amongst the most popular wedding publications’ pages. Perfection does not come quickly, and it does not come easily!  So if you want to see your wedding day published, ask your photographer how much time they will need to make that happen. As a wedding photographer who has been published over 200 times in her career, I can tell you that much of my success in seeing my images published has come from having clients who trusted me enough to allow me to spend as much time as I needed on each of their special details and moments to achieve a publication. Without that trust between the couple and vendor team, it is easy to be rushed from thing to thing on the wedding day and miss those special details the editors are really looking for. If you want to see your wedding day published online or in print, be sure to trust the professionals that you’ve hired and listen to them if they say they need more time for this or that to achieve a great publication!


How to help get your wedding published

I hope you enjoyed reading over these a few things that you, as a couple preparing for their wedding day, can do to help your wedding photographer achieve a publication with your wedding day images!  If you have done all of these things and you are still worried about seeing your images featured, the last bit of advice I can give you is just reach out to your wedding vendor team! Ask your wedding event professionals what else they might think you would need to see the wedding day published. Your wedding professionals know the most about your event and your industry than anyone else, and their advice is going to be the best advice if you’re seeking any more tips on how to see your wedding day published an online blog or an exclusive print publication!


Small Bio for Jessica Hunt:

Jessica Hunt is a wedding and anniversary photographer serving passionate couples anywhere and everywhere. She has been photographing weddings professionally for 8 years and has been published nationwide over 200 times in her career. Jessica enjoys hitting the gym, binging true crime dramas, listening to political podcasts, and drinking too much coffee. When she’s not shooting weddings across the United States, you can find her curled up with her two cats and sweet pup watching the latest terrible action blockbuster. Get in contact with Jessica today to chat about your wedding day or anniversary photos!

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