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Ikea hacks: Pieces to personalise your wedding

Having showstopper details at your wedding is usually just a matter of creativity. We know, you’ve wandered many times through the IKEA corridors, without even noticing the potential that some of their most basic and cheap items have. These accessories are little treasures: with a fair amount of inspiration, (you don’t even need extra DIY abilities) you can just transform them. Quite surprisingly! These are just some favourite pieces written by Alessandra, the wedding planner from Le Petit O. She does want to warn you: you won’t look at IKEA’s stuff in the same way again!

tolsby frame via apartmenttherapy

tolsby frame via Kirsten Cambridge

tolsby frame via wedding chicks

TOLSBY – Frame for 2 pictures, £1

This frame is a real must-have when it comes to weddings and the reasons are quite simple: it is cheap and versatile. It is perfect for your table numbers (you can also paint it in accordance with your wedding palette), menu (have fun decorating it) or just to give instructions at the photo-booth corner.

ung-drill-frame via Wedding Bee

ung-drill-frame via ung drill frame via Wedding Wonderland Ung drill frame via Bridesmaids with sparklers Amy Cupps Photography

UNG DRILL – Frame, £26

Baroque is one of the biggest buzzes in the wedding industry for 2019 and this frame is perfectly matching. Keep it white and romantic for your table plan or menu, or paint it in gold and use it as a blackboard to welcome or give some indications to your guests.

Regolit pendant lamp shade via regolit-pendant-lamp via style me pretty

REGOLIT, Pendant lamp shade, £1.75

Is there anything more customizable than this item? I don’t think so. This lampshade works fabulously both as it is or just as a pendant decoration. Imagine a wedding taking place in a garden in summertime… A gentle breeze whispering through the trees and these lovely decorations swinging. Romantic enough, huh? Try also adding a few ribbons, flowers or other paper decorations to it!

socker via socker via your perfect wedding

SOCKER, Greenhouse, £12

This is definitely the item I like the most: it is effortlessly chic and fully customizable. This greenhouse is ideal to keep all your cards and well wishes together.  Decorate it with flowers (fake ones work better in this case!), your hand-written names or use a sticker: the result will just amaze everyone.

Blomdoft via Le Petit O

Did you know? Wedding planners are just crazy about IKEA… And I make no exception to this rule! Check out how I hacked the Blomdoft candle holder (£5.50) transforming it into a wedding ring holder! 

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