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Indie Urban Wedding – Andrea & Frank

Andrea and Frank had a small and intimate wedding with a ceremony at Cheeseman Park Pavilion. It was perfectly elegant and classic while having that outdoor Colorado vibe that they both love. A good friend performed the ceremony and really captured who they were as people. The vows were sweet and refreshing. Frank, who claims that he is not the writer of the relationship, took the sweetest approach of reciting and explaining a Shakespeare poem. Andrea was floored and she presented her vows and started by saying “And I am supposed to be the writer between the two of us”. Frank’s vows spoke of a love that was real, substantial, logical and worldly.

We love Andrea’s flower crown and vintage dress which makes her look like a Greek goddess. Her style very easily went from the elegant architecture of the park to the quirky urban space of the reception. Her girls were all perfectly coiffed too. Each picked out their own style purple dress and wore them like they knew what they were doing. The boys looked dapper in their grey suits and Frank was the only one with a jacket to make him really stand out.

They finished off the party at the iconic and eclectic Mercury Cafe. The low strung lights and family style tables really gave an intimacy to the space. It was perfect for the musician in Frank. He even prepared a song for Andrea and her dad to dance to. Everyone was awed as he played for them on stage. As if it couldn’t get sweeter, he did his dance with his daughter. This is a couple who really celebrated their family. Andrea and Isabella were so sweet together. You can tell they have just as much fun when Frank isn’t there as when he is.

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Photographer: Elevate Photography // Venue: Cheeseman Park Pavilion & Mercury Cafe

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