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Inns of Aurora wedding – Emma & Taylor

Emma and Taylor met during the beginning of their freshmen year at Rochester Institute of Technology. As a member of the NROTC Rochester Battalion, Taylor was looking for a date to the Navy Birthday Ball that fall. One of Taylor’s friends knew a girl that lived across the hall from him in the dorms and suggested to ask her. After meeting the girl across the hall, Emma, the search for a date, and another kind of search, was over.

From that moment, Emma and Taylor started walking through life together and never looked back. Emma supported Taylor in every way possible with his studies as a Mechanical Engineering Technology major and as a NROTC student. Taylor reciprocated by supporting Emma in her studies as an Industrial Design major as best he could, but his creativity skills were less than helpful for the level that Emma was soaring on.

Through the passage of time and stresses of college, Emma and Taylor grew closer together and shared every bit of life with one another. Baseball games, drive-in movies, dances, shopping adventures, visiting family, holiday trips, study sessions in the library, and the endless every day laughter that got them through the week. All of this joy and happiness combined, though, could not exceed the thrill of a summer journey four years into their relationship. A summer journey they would never forget and would start them on a whole new voyage.

Every voyage has a proposed destination, and a proposal is where this one began. Emma and Taylor’s proposal is not one of great surprise, but of specialty. The island of Tangier has always been held close to the heart of a Spence and Crockett, their close family relation. Located in the Chesapeake Bay area, Tangier island is a small, unique community. It is a place that Emma visited often in her childhood during the summers. Emma and her parents would lodge with Denny, Emma’s cousin, and his wife, Glenna. They are some of the kindest people you may ever meet, then again, every Tangier resident may fall into this category.

It was Denny whom Taylor first met on Tangier the morning of August 9, 2016. He was waiting at the pier with a golf cart (the main source of transportation on Tangier) that was pre-rented and ready for Emma and Taylor to use at their leisure during their stay. This was a prime example of the kind and generous nature of the island. The first stop after getting off the small ferry was to Denny’s mother, Lois, in her house. After that, Emma and Taylor made their way to Denny and Glenna’s house to drop off their bags and begin their day on Tangier.

Next on the agenda was to visit the Tangier museum and then head to the waterfront to check out the view. Let’s skip the museum and move onto the beach because the museum is about the past and this story is meant for the future.

Bayside, the beach located at the southern end of Tangier, is where Taylor and Emma decided to watch the gorgeous day go by. Bayside is a long and narrow beach, with many twists and bends. It was within one of these bends that Taylor planned to do something he knew was inevitable. There were some other families near the entrance to the beach, and it was important to Taylor to be alone with Emma while proposing to represent that if Emma was, or felt, alone, she would always have Taylor. Getting around one of those bends, however, proved to be a little difficult.

There were numerous times that Emma asked to stop to sit down on the beach while they were still in sight of others. Taylor had to calmly ask to keep going while he nervously fumbled to get the ring ready in his pocket without making it obvious to Emma. Although they had been dating for nearly four years and it only felt natural to take this next step, it was still extremely nerve racking for Taylor to ask the love of his life to marry him.

They finally rounded the bend and the time had come. As Taylor stopped Emma to say what he had planned for weeks, it only felt right as he moved to drop to a knee. With a gasp of a “yes” from Emma, and Taylor’s shaking hands putting on her ring (as Emma will never let him forget), just like that, Taylor and Emma were engaged. Their engagement is what started their voyage, and the whereabouts of their next major milestone is unknown, but they are well on their way to finding out.

The vision of the wedding was elegant and refined, with a light and airy feel. Emma and Taylor were not looking to have a large wedding; they knew they wanted to keep it small. They had about 100 guests and that was perfect for them. They really wanted to focus on each other and their closest friends and family.

To stay with their light and airy vision, they wanted to use very light pastel colours with blush pink as their main shade. Emma says that she knew from the start of planning that she wanted succulents to be incorporated somehow into the wedding. They have a very light beautiful pale green and sometimes purple hue to them so she wanted to try to incorporate those colors as well into the pallette along with the blush pink.

“We chose the Aurora Inn on Cayuga Lake because Taylor grew up visiting his grandparents at their lake house on Cayuga. He took me to the area many times while we were dating and I was always in such awe of the area. The lake is absolutely beautiful, and with Taylor having fond memories of growing up visiting the area, we knew we had to have the wedding there. Aurora Inn was just the perfect place on the lake that highlighted its beauty and allowed everyone to enjoy the serenity of Cayuga. A plus was that the Village of Aurora is a historic town which intrigued many of our guests and the village made it easy for everyone coming in from afar to stay close to the venue.”

“Taylor wore his formal Navy summer uniform, dress whites. He is an officer and the Navy is a big part of our lives, so we wanted it to be recognized in our wedding. I wore a Pnina Tornai wedding dress that I found at Kleinfeld. There is a funny story behind my dress. I went to Kleinfeld’s thinking I wanted something tight and fitted all the way down but when I got there, my consultant grabbed one and said, “You have to try this one.” I refused many times to try it on because I really didn’t want a large gown but she finally won me over. As soon as I put it on, I had the overwhelming feeling that this was the one. I went outside to show my mom and we both knew right then and there that I would be walking down the aisle in that dress.”

When having her wedding dress altered, Emma asked them to sew one of Taylor’s Navy fatigue uniform nametapes into the inside hem of the dress. They knew it was there but no one else did. It was her “something new and something blue” for the day. The something new was his last name sewn in gold stitching and the something blue was the blue digi camo pattern of the nametape.

“My bridesmaids wore long blush pink dresses, and the groomsmen wore light grey suits and pink bowties to match back to the bridesmaids. We were looking to have a very light and airy feel to our wedding with pastels and very light neutral tones because it was late summer and on the lake.”

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Photographer: Asher Gardner Photo // Venue: Inns of Aurora // Videographer: NST Pictures // Entertainment: Finger Lakes Entertainment // Florist: Michaleen’s // Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas // Cake: Premier Pastry // Ceremony Music: Candlelight Music // Hair & Makeup: Make Me Fabulous // Bridal Dress: Kleinfeld’s // Bridal Shoes: Bloomingdales // Groom’s Attire: US Navy // Bridesmaids dresses: Lulu’s // Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse // Jewellery: Jared

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