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Intimate Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony in Columbia – Lisa & Alisa

Today we’re excited to share with you a super unique couple and their special love story! This is Lisa and Alisa’s Lula Drake Pastor’s Study wedding ceremony that took place in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Lisa and Alisa have been together for 15 years and committed their lives to one another in a beautiful ceremony 12 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. When they held their commitment ceremony, it was not legal within the United States for same-sex couples to marry. Like many other couples across the country, Lisa and Alyssa sadly had to wait for the ‘official/legal’ part of their marriage.

Though without the license their marriage was no less real or valid to them, recently life has thrown this beautiful couple a few curveballs, and they both realised the value of having their forever partner listed as their legal spouse. With that in mind, Lisa and Alisa decided to recommit their vows of forever that they made 12 years ago in a beautiful ceremony at Lulu Drake Pastor’s Study in front of a licensed officiant to make their marriage legally valid. They were able to sign the license to make their marriage legal and official in the eyes of the law of the land!

It was a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to one another, and a celebration of finally making their marriage recognised by the world in a legal sense. For a couple who waited for the legal right to even marry, you can imagine the how much this meant to Alisa and Lisa and their marriage. The entire wedding day both of these lovely women were huge smiles on their faces; full of giddy excitement as they prepared to promise each other their love support and commitment once again. They asked only their closest friends and family to join them for the celebration, and did everything possible to ensure that this day was just about them, their celebration, and that moment they had been waiting on: the signing of a legal marriage license.

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Photography: Jessica Hunt Photography // Venue: Lula Drake Pastor’s Study // Design & Decor: Charmingly Southern Vintage Rentals // Cinema & Video: Cinema Couture // Dress Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Bridal Boutique // Floral Designer: Something Special Florist // Caterer: Chef Sarah Simmons // Hair Stylist: John T Elliott’s Professional Hair Design // Makeup Artist: Jennifer Nolan Beauty // Cake Designer: Silver Spoon Bake Shop // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

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