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Lavender Farm Engagement – Jasmine & Adam

Jasmine and Adam are high school sweethearts. Jasmine was originally best friends with Mathew, Adam’s twin brother. Throughout the summer of 2013, Jasmine and Adam started to see each other more and something beautiful blossomed from there. It was the 16th of September in 2013. Adam was quite the gentleman wanting to walk Jasmine home, and Mathew decided to tag along. It was a dark but oddly romantic walk through Erindale Park and when the three of them were passing the pool, things started to take a weird turn. Adam whispered something to Mathew, and they both made Jasmine turn around to face the opposite direction. It was then Jasmine knew her life would change forever.  There’s Mathew with his phone up taking pictures, and there’s Adam with the world’s biggest smile on his face holding up the most beautiful necklace. Adam then asked, “Will you go out with me?” Before Jasmine could say anything Mathew turned to Adam and responded, “What!? That is not how you should ask someone. You need to ask again.” Adam then turned to Jasmine and asked: “will you be my girlfriend?” Jasmine hugged and gave Adam a kiss after saying yes. The rest is history.

Jasmine says that she thinks “the biggest thing that makes our relationship unique is the fact that we are always pushing each other to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Any issue we encounter as a couple we face it head on together until it gets resolved. We are both very motivated people when it comes to our careers and even our families. We both absolutely love food, and no matter what the problem, we believe a cup of tea can heal the soul. You can often find us parked in front of the tv watching our favourite shows, including our most guilty pleasure… 90 Day Fiance!  We both love to travel and aim to go somewhere new each year. It’s amazing to see how many laughs and memories we share with each trip!”

When it came to the proposal, it was a hot and sunny day at Chichen Itza on Wednesday, June 1st of 2016. Adam and Jasmine were on a tour getting ready to pop in front of the Mayan Ruin to take a picture. There was Jasmine, standing in her floppy sun hat and there was Adam, hand in his pocket super nervous. Jasmine turned to Adam and said, “let’s take a picture in front of it” and Adam knew this was his moment. Adam turned to Jasmine and said “give me a kiss” in which Jasmine complied and Adam responded with “I have something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while.” He then reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. “Will you marry me Jasmine?” Jasmine squealed with joy and kissed him. Adam was so nervous he didn’t even put the ring on her finger. Jasmine reached for the ring put it on and then kissed and hugged Adam again. All the while holding onto her sun hat. They both looked out into the field to see Jasmine’s family cheering them on very excited. This was a day to remember. The proposal was a complete surprise! Adam originally asked both Jasmine’s dad and mom for her hand in marriage.

Adam did an amazing job picking the ring. He spent hours researching and trying to find the perfect one. When he spotted this one at People’s Jewelers, he knew it was the one. It had the same designs as Jasmine’s promise ring, and it was very unique.He knew it would be the perfect ring for Jasmine and there are no words to describe how he knew. He describes it as a gut feeling, the same he had when he first met Jasmine.

Thank you to Amy Sue Brant – Portrait Artistry for sharing these images with us.

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