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Long wood Gardens Engagement – Summer & Mark

Summer and Mark are high school sweethearts! Mark was a year older than Summer at Bishop Shanahan High School in Downingtown, PA. He was her best friends older brother’s friend- so they always hung out whenever they were all together. One summer they were all down at the beach together, and things just clicked! From that point on they were inseparable.

They both love sports – he’s played sports his whole life and she was a student-athlete in college so they love getting competitive with one another. Besides playing sports, they love to be active. They’re also huge Philly fans- Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Sixers!

Summer says, “Mark and I had to do a long distance relationship throughout college. I was a lacrosse player at Temple University and he attended Penn State University. Because I had limited personal time, Mark and I rarely got to visit each other. Although “distance makes the heart grow fonder” it was HARD. We were on different schedules, rarely got to see each other, and when we did, it was for less than 48 hours. Throughout this stage in our relationship, Mark never complained about my busy schedule and continued to push me to strive for excellence on and off the field and was always my biggest fan. I realized then, no matter what obstacles were thrown our way, we would be able to come out on top and we would always be there to push each other to accomplish our individual goals. I knew throughout these years, Mark and I were destined for each other.”

“Mark and I were supposed to be going to a quiet private dinner on December 23rd, to enjoy some time together before all the holiday festivities with our families. Mark wanted to stop by his parents to see their outside Christmas decorations around their pond before we headed to the restaurant. When we pulled up to his parents, he took me down to their pond that was all lit up with Christmas lights, but one decoration was covered. He threw back the cover and it was a big lit up sign -“Will You Marry Me?” After the proposal, I turned around to both our families standing on their outside deck waiting to celebrate with us. Since it was Christmas, both our families were home for the holiday and it was really special that they were able to be there for that moment.”

“My ring is a solitaire design. Mark and I had talked about what I would want a little bit, but he hit the nail on the head with his design! It is a simple but elegant design and we are very excited to start picking out different designs for our wedding bands!”

Thank you to Sabotta Imagery for sharing these photos with us.

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