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Love is Love Charlotte Hearts Wall Engagements Session – Amber & Jalessa

Amber and Jalessa first met when they were younger, singing on their county-wide community choir. As adults, they met again when Jalessa attended a youth event Amber was having through her non-profit, Operation Impact.

Their first date was to a panel discussion on Race Relations! Literally two days after they started talking via Facebook, Amber asked Jalessa to attend this discussion in Greenville, South Carolina. They almost didn’t make it very far into a relationship because Jaleesa broke up with Amber 5 days of being her girlfriend. “I was supposed to come to Thanksgiving dinner but she wouldn’t let me. I had to work a good, solid 8 days to convince her to take me back.”

When asked about their proposal, Jalessa says that she bought the ring in May 2017 which was technically only four months after they were officially exclusive. “I knew I would get some raised eyebrows so I told my family that even though I bought the ring, I wasn’t going to propose until the end of November which would be a year of being exclusive. I knew I couldn’t hold out and I knew I didn’t want to. So, I planned the proposal during my birthday weekend (July 2018) when her focus would be on me and she believed my focus on me as well. I planned a “birthday” photo session for me which really was a surprise proposal session. The proposal was at Botanical Gardens in Clemson and a few of our closest family members were there to witness.”

These beautiful ladies say that their favourite thing is anything involving food! They enjoy singing and putting on concerts, watching sports, and spending time with their families. Their laughter is the spark that keeps them lit up! Reciprocating selfless and genuine love is what keeps them in love. “We are completely aware of each other as partners and we celebrate authenticity, which keeps our love in motion.”

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Photography: Images by Amber Robinson // Second Shooter: Kate Lynn Imagery

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