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Lovely Downtown Savannah Engagement Session – Shayla & Nathaniel

During their engagement session, Shayla and Nathaniel enjoyed walking together and talking about life, love, and taking in the beautiful scenery of the grand oak trees and their intertwining branches, streets of cobblestone and beautiful architecture. As they walked, they both beamed as they talked about how they fell in love.

Nathaniel drove down to Savannah to attend his brother’s graduation from Heritage Seminary. Little did he know, what he planned to be just a simple trip there and back, fate had so much more in store for him! After noticing Shayla, several others including his mother dropped hints at what a sweet and kind girl she was. Nathaniel brushed it off and went on with his night. Finally, he got up the courage to ask Shayla for her number, and here they are one year later engaged and preparing for a life together!

“I thought through the times I had been at the church and realized she had caught my eye every time. I asked Shayla for her number that night, and we talked the following night and haven’t missed a night talking to each other since. We became best friends in a very short time, and that’s how I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I quite literally fell in love with my best friend and our love has grown stronger throughout the last year.” – Nathaniel

Thank you to Danielle George Photography for sharing these images with us!

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