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Mid-Century Elopement Inspiration

This styled shoot was designed for the bride who is almost bursting with love and wants to make sure she gets the absolute most from her elopement. Just because elopements are typically private affairs, that doesn’t make them any less momentous. The idea of a groom who means the world to the bride, and that’s why she has decided to marry him in secret. So they pull out all the stops to make this important date, exceptional. The talented team of collaborating vendors all helped to bring the vision to life in the delightful garden at the lovely venue named New Dawn.

The model bride Amber (excellently played by Lisbeth Catin) wore a homemade wedding dress borrowed from the real-life bride who made it herself and wore it on her wedding day back in the 60’s. We love this little insight into the real story of the wedding dress; it “was made by the bride herself (Jane Quetel) from a Vogue pattern. Her grandmother attached all of the buttons down the back and created the button loops by hand the night before Jane’s courthouse wedding which took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 5, 1964. Leslibeth at Starlit Designs was the makeup artist and gave our bride that lovely understated beehive hairdo which was so reminiscent of the 60’s.”

All of the inspiration design sets were provided by Katrina at Eclectica Miami and were teeming with mid-century modern goodness even Mary Tyler Moore would swoon over. Katrina’s specialty is mid-century, which is why she was the first person to come to mind when the idea for this styled session was created. She provided all the furniture, props and little significant details to give each set its own decidedly 1960’s impression.

There were classic pop art touches with all those diamond details, you can see them on the flower pots, stationary, cake, pillows, and DIY backdrop. The quirky stationery announces that the couple has “got hitched” and “love made us do it.” There’s also an invite to a party where family and friends can join them for a celebration. The latticework design on the cake echoes the diamond theme and is perfectly coordinated with the stationary. And who can resist those tie-dyed macaroons?

The scenario takes place in sunny Florida but since this make-believe bride Amber’s favorite season is autumn, this smitten duo decided to make their vows to each other in Autumn which is evident in some of the details they chose; that DIY backdrop in Autumn hues, berries, fruits, and acorns. Their faux marriage ceremony is performed by real-life wedding officiant Adriana Camacho. They read vows written by Aracelis of Tres Chic Boutique on those beautiful bride and groom vow cards she made for the occasion.

Their outdoor dining table was lowered so that the couple could enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere of drinks and merriment. The moss table runner and floral designs in vintage green glassware from Eclectica Miami bring so much color and beauty to the table. Daisies, the typical flower of the 1960’s, adorned the centerpieces as well as the bridal bouquet.

The vintage radiant orchid colored dress the bride wears for their “honeymoon picnic” makes us nostalgic for the style and spirit of the 1960’s era. Daniel, the handsome groom (played by Adam Brudnicki) sang Amber a love song for their special day, and then they sat and listened to music played on the record player. Oscar at Spin Alley has a diverse assortment of record players from various eras which he restores to brand new working condition with his own hands. It’s his passion. A record player or phonograph is the perfect element for the music-loving bride to add that special detail to her big day. It is also something memorable from their wedding day the new couple can then make a part of their love nest together as husband and wife. 

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Photographer: Tracey-Ann Jarrett PhotoNotions // Venue: New Dawn Catering & Events // Model: Adam Brudnicki // Floral Designer: Landy’s Flowers by Gerardo // Officiant: Adriana Camacho Wedding Officiant // Event Planner: Wedding Masters Florida Event Productions // Makeup Artist: Starlit Designs // Heirlooms and Extras: Spin Alley Store & Eclectica Miami // Invitation Designer: Tres Chic Party Boutique

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