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Mid-Summer Central Park Elopement

From Kristina, the Photographer:

“Although this isn’t an official wedding, Alyson and Jesse are a real-life couple who recently got married out-of-state, and wanted to have wedding photos taken in their home-town of New York City. So, it was only fitting that we used Alyson’s wedding dress (designed and made by her with more details about that below!) and incorporated other elements of their wedding day into their wedding images. We also added some other special touches to make it feel more like home, such as macarons as dessert (they’re a huge hit in NYC!) and photographing at some of the most iconic locations in central park (who doesn’t love Bethesda Terrace and The Mall in Central Park!?). Jesse’s suit matched Alyson’s dress as her wedding dress has a faint baby blue hue under the lace on the skirt half of her dress, and we also tied in elements of light pink and coral to add a touch of summer and tie into the rose gold elements of Alyson’s dress and accessories.

Alyson perfectly sums up how she and Jesse met, their wedding day, and the reason for having additional wedding images taken in Manhattan. It’s funny and perfectly fitting that the summer heat led to Alyson and Jesse meeting because the summer heat was in full-swing the day of this wedding session! We recently had a heat-wave in NYC, and this shoot happened to take place in the midst of it! Alyson and Jesse take the heat really well because they were completely up for walking far distances (Central Park is huge!), and didn’t complain at all. They both had huge smiles throughout and were so happy to be celebrating their wedding in a small way all over again.”

Write up from Alyson, the Bride:

“Jesse and I met four years ago at a Hockey bar in Bay Ridge called the Windy City Ale House. I was bartending as a part-time job, he came there pretty frequently but our paths didn’t cross until July 6th 2013. That night, he was dragged to the bar by two of our now mutual friends, on one of the hottest nights of that summer. The air conditioner was broken and temporarily replaced with fans that just circulated the heat. Behind the bar was even worse with the heat that was radiating off of the refrigerators. Trying to keep cool, my boss and I would spray water on not only each other but the guests and that lead to a flirting mechanism with Jesse.

His friends left, one drink lead to another and soon he was there closing the bar with me. However, Jesse had to work in the morning which was only 3 hours away from the closing time. To try to save him from passing out, I bought us two coffees and he walked me home. The coffee was probably the worst we have EVER had but neither of us wanted to say anything.

When we got to my apartment (that was only 2 blocks away) we found some man sleeping on the stoop. Instead of trying to get around him and ending the night, we decided to walk past my place and find somewhere to drink the atrocious liquid in our cups. At last, steps! Steps that we part of a funeral home, but nevertheless a place to sit and talk. Now mind you, it’s about 5 am, the neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful but we are completely in our own world talking and laughing non-stop. It wasn’t until the sprinklers went off that we realized Jesse had to go to work in a little over an hour. He walked me home, gave me a good night kiss, and the rest was history.”

The proposal:

“It was Friday, April 8th, 2016 and I was so excited that I got to my subway stop before 6 (that is very rare) which meant I could go to the gym earlier than normal and start my weekend off right! For some reason, I called my mom right when I stepped onto the street to ask her about a few things and wound up having a conversation all the way to our front door. As I’m unlocking the door I was staring at the ground and something caught my eye, a rose petal. I push the door open and see a trail of petals leading up to Jesse on one knee. Tears started instantly and I had to plead and finally hang up on my mom. (She didn’t quite grasp what I meant when I said Jesse was down on one knee.)”

The wedding:

“We got married exactly 1 year later on April 8th, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. Our wedding was beautiful and filled with fun. Even though there were a lot of mishaps and problems that happened (due to various aspects out of our control), we were able to look past all of that on the day of and enjoy the celebration with our family and friends.”

The dress:

“I designed and hand created my own wedding gown and accessories. The dress was made with hand dyed light blue silk with white alecon lace, rose gold embellishments, and a detachable train. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making that dress and I felt that wearing it for one night wasn’t enough. Since Jesse and I never got our engagement photos taken, I was thrilled to find Kristina and get more photos of the two of us- especially wearing my dress. Picking Central Park was a no-brainer for us and Kristina. The scenery is perfect for wedding photos, plus it tied back to our wedding theme- industrial secret garden. I absolutely love that we were able to get iconic shots in this park.”

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Photographer: Kristina Staal Photography // Venue: New York Central Park // Dress Designer, Veil, Jewellery & Ring Box: Alyson Nicole // Groomsman Attire: ASOS // Calligraphy & Invitations: Opaline Lettering (and Invitations too!) // Hair & Makeup: Caravan Stylist Studio (MUA and HAIR) // Floral Designer: Designs by Ahn (DBA)


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