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Orchard Wedding – Kayla & Mark

Kayla and Mark met when they were sophomores at Purdue that just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This place was Relay For Life – Kayla had taken a sorority sisters place due to her being sick. She was only going to stay for the portion of the shift that she covered, but for some reason, she decided to stay. Kayla walked around and looked at all the different things going on and the one activity that caught her eye the most were the group of guys that were playing soccer in a very small space. It looked like fun!

A little while later Kayla decided to head back to the booth. She had just finished doing Zumba and was sweaty and red in the face. While she was standing at the booth, Mark came up and introduced himself. He asked her to go walking with him. Of course, she said yes – a cute guy, who is very athletic, just came up to her and asked her to walk! Well, they weren’t two steps in and his phone rang and he spent the next 45 minutes talking on the phone with his mother. He treated her with respect and kindness, but boy was Kayla annoyed. He got off the phone and then the next thing she knew, his phone rang again! This time it was his aunt. They only spoke for about 20 minutes, but at this point, Kayla was re-thinking her choice of going for a walk. He then got off the phone for the second time and started talking all about himself. He had a lot of interesting stories to tell and she was learning all of these things about him, but couldn’t get a word in herself. She started to think that he was a self-centred jerk.

Then all of a sudden he started asking questions about me and he seemed really interested! After they had finished talking they decided to do some fun activities that relay had put on. He told her that she looked beautiful.

It was nearing around 5am when Relay for Life was going to end. Mark had asked for her number, given her a hug and said goodbye. Kayla was hoping she would see him again. And she did!

The next day they ended up hanging out and headed to Famous Franks at 10pm. “In that line, with Kaitlyn, MOH, and Tyler, Groomsmen, Mark had put his arms around me and kissed my head and right then and there I knew that someday I would marry him…..”

When it came to the proposal, Kayla told the story: “Kimber, a bridesmaid, had invited Connie, another bridesmaid, and I to a community service event with the Kiwani Group. It was a girls night and I was so absolutely excited! I was the one bringing all of the nail polish! There was going to be pizza and bread sticks and apple cider mimosas! Of course, it was at the zoo and Kimber said that it was an event that we needed to dress up for, so we did!”

“So Mark and Kimber live just down the street from each other. The only difference is, Marks apartment has free street parking. So I parked there hoping he would be home and take me over there so he could see how cute I looked! But he kept saying that they all had just gotten back and were actually at Bdubs. Of course, I was a little mad because now I couldn’t show Mark how cute I looked. So when I got to Kimber’s I proceeded to tell her how upset I was that Mark wouldn’t bring me here so he could see how cute I was. At this point I was frustrated, but she was hiding a secret and apparently trying not to burst out laughing.”

“Once we had finished our nails and they got dressed and did their hair, we all ate pizza and enjoyed some apple cider mimosas. We then went to the zoo and walked over that beautiful river walk to get there. We then went around to a secret back-way since the zoo was technically closed. The lady in charge of the Botanical Gardens was waiting there with her “List”. She asked us our names so I went first. “It’s Kayla Bopp…B-O-P-P….pronounced Bow-p”. (How embarrassing!) Then Kimber and Connie went. I kept wondering if Kimber put us on the list or not, but the lady said free t-shirts and potentially champagne and I was excited! (For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with t-shirts) So we walked in and it was dead. I kept thinking, “Wow! We must really be early!” We kept walking around and Kimber asked if Connie and I wanted a photo… of course, we did!”

“I then started to tell them about the Botanical Garden and all of the weddings that they have here and how many people get engaged here. Well we then walked around the corner and I thought I saw Nick, the glowing white Groomsmen, in the background and then I see a beautiful sign that says ” Will you marry me?” I got super excited because we were about to watch a proposal, little did I know that I was the one being proposed to.”

“Mark walks around the corner, I’m in total disbelief! I was definitely shocked to the point I didn’t understand what was going on. Kimber took my purse and then mark took my sweater and put it on the ground. He could barely get a word out because he was crying, but he managed to say ” I love you, will you marry me?””


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Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography // Ceremony Venue: McClures Orchard // Reception Venue: Burr Oak Barn Rental // Event Planner: All in the Details // Beauty: I Do Hair by Danie


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