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Outdoor Rustic Barn Wedding – Emma & Kaleb

Emma and Kaleb went to high school together but she had no clue who Kaleb was, although he claims he noticed her all the time. It wasn’t until Emma went off to college that they started talking. At that time, Kaleb lived in Grand Forks and Emma lived in Moorhead so they would occasionally make the drive to go out on a date at the Blue Moose or a movie. After a few dates, Emma proceeded to ignore him for a few months (which he still gives her a hard time about). She says, “I’m not sure the exact moment, but I finally realised that we were perfect for each other and we have been inseparable since. Kaleb and I have many things in common but one of my favourites is our love for travel, which is exactly how he proposed to me. We took a 23-hour road trip through Chicago and then onto Charleston, South Carolina right after Christmas of 2015. Little did I know that he had a gorgeous engagement ring in his pocket the WHOLE time!! He considered multiple places along our journey to pop the question but finally decided on the beautiful Isle of Palms in Charleston on December 29, 2015. He told me he wanted a picture of me on the beach during the sunset and told me to look out over the ocean. When I turned back around to look at him, he was on one knee holding the ring of my dreams. An hour flew by in a blink of an eye and we finally realised we were still hugging but it was now dark and the water was almost up to our knees because the tide was coming in. It was the happiest day of my life.”

The inspiration for their wedding day was rustic country chic (thanks  Pinterest!). “It is hands down my favourite theme and once I found my venue, the beautiful BWB Ranch, it was easy to achieve the style I was dreaming of!” Emma says that she wanted the decor and flowers to be simple as to not take away from the gorgeous barn and venue grounds so only white hydrangeas were for the florals. She chose lavender and grey for the colour palette which really made the white hydrangeas stand out and complimented the hot summer season.

The ceremony site decor was one of her favourite parts of their whole wedding. “My father-in-law, husband, and mother-in-law built the most gorgeous alter piece that was two old rustic doors with a large barn wood sign attached to the top.  My sister and I painted the sign with my favourite bible verse from Song of Solomon, “I have found the one whom my soul loves”. The sign alone took about 8 hours to design and make but it was so worth it. The altarpiece was simple but definitely a showstopper. Julie, the owner of the BWB Ranch decorated the barn for me. We used rustic lanterns, candles, and grey barn wood boxes for the reception that made the white hydrangeas pop. The barn itself is gorgeous without any decor but my favourite part about the reception decor definitely came from my 4 tall large centrepieces that were on the main round tables down the middle of the barn. These were done beautifully by KD Floral and consisted of tall 4-foot vases that were filled with white hydrangeas and tall greenery. The centrepieces pulled the whole theme together and were truly incredible. I also had several signs placed throughout my ceremony and reception that were made by my cousin, who owns a store called 4th Street Designs in the cities. These were personalised with things such as the date of our wedding, our names, and my favourite bible verses. The signs made the venue unique and personalised to our day.”

“I knew the theme of my wedding was country chic prior to picking out my wedding dress so I tried to match that to both mine and Kaleb’s wedding day look.  My dress was very simple, slim fitting, and elegant. It was lace with a beautiful neckline and buttons lining the back. I’m not big into jewellery so I decided against a necklace and went with simple pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet. My veil was simple as to not take away from the gorgeous back of the dress but I did add a little pop of fun with two feather pearl hair pieces! The bridesmaids dresses followed a similar design to my own dress with tall lace backs, beautiful necklines, and then lavender for the bottom of the dress. I got each of the girl’s pearl necklaces to match my jewellery. I tried to go a little more country with Kaleb and his groomsmen’s attire. Kaleb was in grey pants with an ivory shirt and grey vest. His groomsmen were also in grey pants and an ivory shirt but had grey suspenders and a purple bow tie instead of the vest. And of course, they all had to wear their cowboy boots”

“The most special moment of our wedding day was hands down our first dance. Kaleb and I love dancing and are notorious for blasting the music late at night and slow dancing in our living room (which our roommates always appreciate). The first time I knew that I loved Kaleb was when we were dancing to our favourite George Strait song in a bathroom. Kaleb picked out our first dance song about a year ago and it couldn’t have explained us any better. Our first dance was such a special moment for us. I felt like we were alone dancing in our living room for the first time again, although 200 people were watching us. It was definitely one of my favourite moments of our day, as well as one of our most important.”

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Photographer: Schrage Photography // Venue: BWB Ranch // Dress Store: Formalities // Apparel: Grand Rapids Wedding Parlor // Caterer: Prairie Bay Grill and Catering // Floral Designer: KD Floral and Gardens

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