Rustic Romantic Ranch Wedding - Sasha & Joey

"Looks can be deceiving. Joey, you are an amazing father and the way you look at Sasha proves to me that you are going to be an amazing husband. I'm proud to call you my son." Sasha's father brought the whole room to tears during his toast at their wedding... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Bright and bold courthouse elopement

The idea behind this bright and bold styled shoot was to inspire courthouse brides that their simple elopement can still be jam-packed with colour, personal details, and celebration! The inspiration was bright summer colors: turquoise, yellow, orange, and lime, which Lilley Custom Florals incorporated into a perfect bouquet. This elopement... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Wedding Advice - enjoy being engaged - Mikaela & Taylor

"Our advice would be to enjoy being engaged. It can be so stressful planning a wedding, so remember that you and your loved one are the most important things. Marriage advice is to find an activity that you don't do without each other and make it a thing. Ours is grocery... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Vibrant Summer West Texas Nuptials - Mikaela & Taylor

Taylor and Mikaela first met while attending Abilene Christian University. They were biology lab partners and didn't get along too well, in the beginning, at least! They both wanted to be alone but they were forced into being each other's lab partner. Over the course of the semester they became... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Elegant Barn Wedding at Private Estate - Chelsea & Blaine

Chelsea and Blaine met at Purdue (University in Indiana). They had mutual friends because he grew up in Avon (one town over from her), but they had never met each other. One of their friends was actually introducing her to one of Blaines friends at a party and Blaine saw... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Pink Bridal Shower

Twila, of Twila's Photography, says that as a wedding photographer and someone that's very involved in the wedding industry, she wanted to give her best friend an incredible bridal shower! She enlisted help from her floral friend-vendor, Lumberyard Gardens, who filled her home with beautiful florals. Twila's best friend of... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Valentines Sweetheart Styled Shoot

A sweet craving for mixed patterns and textures drove the styling of this gorgeous Valentine's Tea Party. When Amanda MacPhee Studios reached out for assistance with a romantic Valentine-inspired shoot at the Great Marsh Estate in Bealton, VA, Alexandra Hill from Pastiche Event Productions VA knew the moment had come... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Romantic Picnic Proposal

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! This romantic and whimsical styled picnic proposal is the perfect inspiration for such a romantic day of the year. Filled with scrumptious food, fabulous florals, and whimsical details, we're in love with this proposal. Have you been proposed to on this Valentine's Day? We'd love to hear... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Galentine's Day Bridal Shower

Valentine’s Day is around the corner but sometimes all you need is the love of your Gals! This styled shoot team took their queue from Leslie Knope and planned a stunning Galentine’s Day Party. It’s a spin off an element of the show Parks & Rec (for anybody not in... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Christmas Eve Proposal - Colbee & Blaine

Blaine and Colbee first met their freshman year of high school. She had just moved from Florida and was grateful for a friend like Blaine. They started dating after high school but they had known each other for four years and built their relationship off of a friendship. Blaine left... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE