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Park Engagement – Sydney & Alex

Sydney and Alex first met while they were at school in Auburn playing a game of pick-up ultimate frisbee that their mutual friends had organised! It was Sydney’s freshman year and Alex’s sophomore year, but they actually didn’t date until her senior year at Auburn. They were friends all throughout undergrad but had dated different people throughout their collegiate career. But, by chance (or fate if you believe in that) Sydney ran into Alex in Huntsville, Alabama (her hometown) during her senior year because he had recently moved there for a job. After that, they reconnected, and here they are today!

Sydney says that she knew Alex was the one almost instantly. “When Alex and I first started hanging out romantically, we had been friends for nearly 6 years,  so transitioning from friendship to romance was really nerve-wracking for me! Alex made dinner for me, stayed up talking about our favourite movies and shows for hours, drove  2 hours to hang out with me at my sister’s track meet, and sat through a 12-hour Star Wars marathon with me and my family… yet somehow, I was still convinced we were just friends. During that time I was going through a pretty rough patch, and one day I realized that the only thing that was making me happy and giving me hope that the rough patch would end, was Alex. He was (and is) the most patient, loving, and compassionate person I had ever met, and I fell very quickly and very hard for him. Three months into our relationship, I told him I loved him, but I knew far before then that I could marry him.”

Alex knew Sydney was the one pretty early on during their first summer together. “She had just graduated from Auburn and was home for the summer, and had found out that she had received a scholarship to teach English in Como, Italy starting in the Fall for a whole school year (nearly 8 months). I knew that I wanted to make the most of our time together before she was an entire continent away, so we spent almost every day that summer hiking, zip lining, exploring, and binge-watching Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.  The day we dropped her off at Nashville International Airport was incredibly sad for me, but I was simultaneously excited and proud of her. After all, I had planned on visiting her several times while she was abroad, and what better area to visit your significant other in, than the beautiful and romantic alpine slopes of Northern Italy! It was in this excitement that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this special girl.”

When it came to the proposal, Alex said that he had planned for a weekend getaway in the mountains of western North Carolina for just the two of them, which involved driving across the state line into North Georgia to hike Brasstown Bald (Georgia’s highest peak). On top of the mountain at the observation deck is where he popped the question, and he had hired a hidden photographer to capture Sydney’s raw reaction! For after the big climax, he secretly had invited their families to meet them at a small vineyard nearby to celebrate with them (this was all assuming that she said yes of course!), and Sydney was thoroughly surprised. Lastly, they all went back to the little town of Murphy, North Carolina to have a delicious steak dinner at one of Murphy’s finest restaurants.  Thankfully, all of the little pieces came together, and the weather and autumn foliage cooperated.

Sydney thinks that their relationship is so special because they are 110% of our weird, quirky, and nerdy selves with each other. “I love that we can relax and binge watch Netflix one weekend, dress up in lederhosen for an Oktoberfest the next weekend and sign up for a 10k run another weekend. Alex encourages me to be who I am, and he pushes me to grow as a person, and I think I provide the same to him. At the end of the day, our relationship is special because we’re just nerdy kids trying to find new ways to have fun with the person we love.”

Alex thinks Sydney and him are great communicators with each other – both verbal and non-verbal – especially when they’re just being goofy and hyper! “We are able to read each other like an older married couple already, and sometimes we’ll just lay around on the couch all afternoon and perform an entire rhetorical debate about the most random and silly subjects. On some weekends, we can be weekend warriors and make long car trips to explore the beautiful natural scenery around us. Other weekends are lazier, and we’re content with watching documentaries or sunning ourselves at the pool. But the common thread is that we simply enjoy each other’s company, and because of our desire for adventure, we will never be bored!”

Thank you to Daniel Jackson Studios for sharing these lovely engagement photos with us.

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