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Peach & Blue Williamsburg Wedding – Haley & Joey

“October 25, 2014. ACME Bar and Grill. Let’s rewind a little to fill you all in. I was a cheerleader at James Madison University and Joey was a football player at the Naval Academy. My roommates and I had heard how great the Navy games were as our roommate had grown up going to the games. After looking at the two schedules, we found Navy’s game on October 25 against San Jose State fell on JMU’s bye weekend. We planned to attend this game so we could see what all the excitement was about!”

“Finally the weekend had arrived! With each one of us dressed in Navy gear, we packed up the car early Saturday morning and headed to Annapolis. We tailgated before heading into the stadium where we saw exactly what the excitement was about! We took in every second from the march on and the flyover to the kids running for the ball punted into the lawn! Best part about the game was that Navy beat San Jose State 41-31! Once the game ended, we met up with a few other friends, grabbed dinner and went to get ready for a night out in Annapolis.”

“As for Joey, his Saturday started as any other Saturday would. With a win in the books, he and his friends headed into the locker room, showered up and headed out to their football tailgate! They spent some time with their families, talked about the best plays of the game, and celebrated the win with some food and drinks. After the tailgate, the guys got ready and headed to their go-to spot – ACME.”

“The bar filled quickly as usual and everyone was ready to let loose and celebrate the win! Joey and a few of his friends grabbed a booth, bought some beers and enjoyed their win with constant congrats being thrown their way. At about that same time, my friends and I walked into the bar and spotted a few of the guys my roommates had met the previous week at JMU (small world isn’t it). After full introductions, some of the guys slipped out of their side of the booth and let us slide in. It just happened to be the same booth Joey was sitting in and I ended up sitting right across from him! Introductions went around the table and it was the beginning of something neither Joey nor myself had even thought would happen. During conversation, Joey accidentally hit his beer having it spill all over the table and onto me. We laughed it off and ended up going our separate ways that night – or so we had thought. Joey went to mingle and say hey to all his buds and I remained in the booth with my friends and some of the guys. With any new friend approaching the booth, the guys would introduce them to my friends and me seeing if we happened to like any that they could call over to hang out for the night at the bar. After being introduced to all of the guys that were about my same height (no offense), I told them I didn’t really need to meet anyone. As a group of us were leaving ACME and heading to a different bar, one of the guys looked at me and asked who I liked in there so they could grab them and they could go to the next bar too. I looked at him and told him I was fine but after he asked a few more times, I told him I would take the biggest tallest guy they knew. He ran back inside saying he knew the perfect guy. After a few minutes, he returned with Joey. The others had started to walk ahead and Joey and I followed, talking and getting to know each other. Half way to the other bar, Joey stopped me in the middle of the sidewalk and asked if I wanted to dance. After a few spins, he told me he was going to teach me the pretzel. Confused, I laughed and went along with it. He walked me through it at first then we went for it! We continued to dance and do the pretzel down the sidewalk a few more times before continuing to catch up with the rest of the group! Once we reached the next bar, Joey looked at me and told me he had to be back by midnight so had to leave. We exchanged numbers and would eventually end up falling in love that would lead to this marriage.”

“After meeting in ACME, I thought we might never see each other again. I texted Joey that night and told him I hoped he got back in time and that it was nice to meet him. The next morning, I woke up to a response that he did in fact make it back in time and that he enjoyed last night as well. Over the next couple of weeks, we texted here and there. Our groups of friends continued to hang out whenever we crossed paths until one weekend in February. Joey texted me and asked if I would want to come up so he could take me out on a date just the two of us. Nervous but excited, I agreed! After having an amazing weekend going to dinner, hanging out with some of Joey’s friends, and walking around Annapolis, we both realized how much we enjoyed each others company and that we wanted to see where things would go.”

“After months of hanging out and with my future on my mind, I was wondering what was going to happen once summer came. Both of us hadn’t had the best of luck in the past and had been the one to get the short end of the stick. I told him to just think about what he wanted as I was graduating the next week and then it would be summer. The next weekend, Joey drove down to JMU the night before I graduated and asked me to be his girlfriend. We both couldn’t wait to spend the summer together as I had accepted a job in Alexandria, VA and he would be in Annapolis for football.”

“Following my graduation, Joey took me to his ring dance! We then visited Williamsburg and Knoxville where we got to meet each other’s family and see where the other one grew up. We went back and forth between my new apartment in Alexandria and Annapolis to spend as much time together! We did our best to make each others events and football games throughout the fall! In February, Joey had his Ship Selection Night where he would choose which ship he would be on for the next two years. With the excitement of him receiving the ship he had planned on, we both knew that it meant only a few months from now Joey would be getting deployed. Joey graduated in May as a Surface Warfare Officer! We took advantage of his month of leave and traveled, celebrated friends getting married, and cherished every second of our time together! We knew at any time between July and August, he would be deployed.”

“Joey reported to work the last week of June and they hadn’t told him a specific date for his deployment yet. With that weekend coming up being 4th of July weekend, Joey and I were looking forward to spending it together. This would be the last holiday before he was deployed that we would get to spend together. However, that Thursday Joey was told he would be leaving in 48 hours – the Saturday before July 4th. He called and texted me throughout the day trying to find the best time to tell me. Finally, he told me the news. After a few tears, we both prepared ourselves for what was to come. We enjoyed our last day together and said our goodbyes Saturday afternoon in the airport parking lot.”

“The next 6 months were anything but easy. However, with letters, emails, and a call every month or so, we continued to encourage and support each other and fill each other in about what was new. We continued to show each other just how much the other meant to us helping ease the hard times and pass the days by. After months of staying busy and staying strong for each other, we were informed that the ship would return at the end of December. We were so ready for that day to come we started counting down the hours until we got to see each other! On December 30th, I met Joey on the dock where I was waiting for him along with our families! We knew at that point if we could get through that, we could get through anything!”

“Joey got a house with two friends down in Virginia Beach and I continued working in Alexandria, VA. Each weekend one of us would drive to the other to spend the time we had together! Joey and I began to talk about our future and how we both knew we were with the one we were supposed to spend the rest of our lives with. Joey asked my parents if he could have their blessing and ask me to marry him. With their quick approval, Joey planned out how and when he was going to ask! Joey wanted to throw me off though so would make comments if it ever came up that he could see it happening in the next five years or so. It worked. I was thinking it would never happen.”

“April 29, 2017 was the big day. I drove up to Virginia Beach that morning and once I arrived, we headed to the beach with all of our friends. Joey had already filled everyone in that he was going to ask me to marry him that evening. To me, it was just another day. While sitting around with everyone at the beach, we all talked about going out to dinner since it was so nice outside and everyone was there! We decided to go home around 5 and start getting ready for dinner – or so I thought. After Joey and I finished getting ready, we went on a walk while “waiting for everyone else to get ready.” Joey led me down to this beach he had found just down the road from his house. We usually take walks and he had been talking about this beach he found the last few weeks so I still had no clue what was going on. As we got down to the beach, we talked about our future together. As we looked out over the water with the sun setting in the distance, Joey grabbed my hands, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes of course! After taking in the best moment ever, some of our friends popped up from behind the bushes to congratulate us! They explained how Joey had set it up so they could capture the moment and help celebrate our engagement at dinner! I was so shocked at everything he did and how they pulled off such a perfect moment I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night!”

Haley and Joey planned a beautiful wedding, and topped it off with an incredibly fun reception. We love the bright colors Haley chose, which were perfect for a June wedding.

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Photographer: Katie Gallagher Photography // Venue: The Settlement at Powhatan Creek // Cake Designer: The Carrot Tree // Caterer: Culinary Delights by Feist // Dress Store: Bella Bridesmaids // Invitation Designer: Basic Invite

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