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The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel Wedding – Marlena & Jay

Marlena says that she met Jay “on a dating website called OkCupid. In the 21st century when all of your friends are coupled off, and the bar scene is overrated, where does one go to meet new people? The Internet! We were both recently separated and made an effort to be open to meeting new people. OkCupid differs from other dating sites because it allows (does not require) you to answer thousands of questions for their matching system. The more questions you answer, the better your potential matches can be. We both answered several hundred questions over the time we were using the site and our match percentage was the high 80’s when it linked us as matches for each other. Boy messaged girl, we had an in-person date a few weeks later, and the rest is history.”

When recalling the proposal, Marlena said, “it was Sunday evening, after dinner and we were sitting in our bar area relaxing before the upcoming work week. We had spent the whole weekend together but, also with other people and this was the first time we were alone all weekend. I was doing laundry and Jay was sitting in his chair watching TV. I can almost guarantee “Friends” was on. I was wearing a mix match of sweats, hair pulled up and make-up half worn off from the day’s adventures. He looked up at me standing in front of him folding laundry and said: “I want you to be my wife, will you marry me?” This caught me completely of guard and I kind of stared at him for a second before coming to my senses and giving him a huge smile (with some happy tears of course), and a resounding “YES!” Since it was so spur of the moment, he wanted us to keep it low key until he was able to do it properly… the ring. He didn’t have one. We actually debated on the spot what that meant, and I finally convinced him a ring was not what I needed. I didn’t want to wait until we could afford to budget for a ring. A ring meant nothing to me, his commitment did. Also, I needed to be able to tell my friends and family and celebrate our newly engaged status. It’s absurd to ask a woman to marry you then to keep it quiet! Ultimately, we passed on the traditional engagement ring and instead announced our engagement diamond free!”

Marlena and Jay decided on the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel venue because two years before they got married, on the same day we got married (July 26th), they went to Cibo Ristorante Italiano on a whim while on vacation in Philadelphia. “It was our first trip together as a couple, which was a huge deal! A trip can make or break a relationship early on. During dinner that night we both felt a strong connection and knew there was something special between us, something neither of us experienced before. We didn’t tell each other about those feelings until much later into our relationship but, we both hold that night very close to the heart. That particular evening, sitting in a romantic Italian restaurant, eating delicious food and listening to live jazz, we just knew the person sitting across was “the one”. As cliche and corny as it sounds, it’s the absolute truth. Fast forward two years, when we decided to get married, it was clear we had to go back to Philadelphia and make sure to stop at our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner after the ceremony. Our inspiration was to include Cibo, and the rest fell into place. We researched elopement options, since we wanted it to be just the two of us, and found The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. It completely fit the idea we had in mind for our wedding. The chapel provided a beautiful, small, intimate space complete with staff to prepare everything for us, making our planning completely stress free.”

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Photographer: Heidi Roland Photography // Venue: The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel // Dress Store: Fashion to Figure // Floral Designer: Karrie Hoffmann // Groomsmen Attire: DXL // Hair Stylist: The Salon at Duross & Langel // Shoes: Koda Bridal

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