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Piney Woods Styled Bridal Session

Obscured and nestled into the thick Piney Woods of East Texas stands a small chapel that has been forgotten in time. Behind its century-old doors, is a beautifully simple canvas to match this striking bride. Soft light through arched windows take us to somewhere timeless, and peach and lavender hues find themselves bashful in the sheer grandeur of this chapel, quietly hinted in the details of the walls, her skirt, and her bouquet. Her antique gilded jewellery also helps to reflect the location she has discovered for her bridal session. The combination of the modern silhouette of her separate pieced gown stands out in the all but deserted chapel.

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Photographer: R and M Bledsoe Photography // Venue: Peachtree Chapel // Floral Designer: Analicia’s Flowers // Jewellery: Lovoda

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