Engagement Shoots

Quicksilver Beauties – Erin & Mandy

You never know when love will find you and that is exactly what happened with these two ladies. When Erin walked into Mandy's place of business one day, they slowly became great friends and it blossomed into the best love they only could have dreamed of. When it came to the proposal Erin says that Mandy surprised her. "I thought that we were going to take photos for our Christmas cards.  She had asked a friend to come along to take pictures. The photographer asked us if we would like to take some non-Christmas pictures. When I turned for a photo, Mandy was down on her knee. Of course I said yes! And we got it all on film!"

They have a handsome baby boy together and this day of their engagement session was nothing short of amazing. They went to Quicksilver Trails where they had about a half mile hike to the location and all while with their little guy Hayden in his stroller and Erin just had carpel tunnel surgery. You would have never known!

Thank you to P.I.C. Photo for sharing these images with us.

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