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Quinta do Hespanhol Wedding – Ana & Alexandre

Ana and Alexandre met a few years ago through a couple composed by one of his best friends and one of her best friends which were best man and bridesmaid at their wedding.

At a certain point, Alexandre got a job in Mexico, while Ana stayed in Portugal. Ana says, “after about one year of his departure, I had a cardiac problem which made me rethink my whole life. I was a Vet, and since I developed animal allergies as a consequence of my heart condition I had to quit, I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. He was not very supportive of my new reality among other things. And at a certain point of this tumultuous time in my life, I and Alexandre started talking through Facebook, and after that day we couldn’t disconnect from each other. Written messages turned into long phone calls and in a glimpse of time if was one of the persons who supported me the most through the most difficult time of my life. We started our romantic relationship over the phone without even having kissed before… And one day he decided that he wasn’t happy on the other side of the ocean without me and left Mexico and the life he built there and returned to Portugal. And this is our love story!”

When it came to the proposal Ana reminisces, “the Azores was a place I long wanted to visit; I always thought that those islands would have a special chemistry. Alexandre planned the whole trip, with visits to all the main attractions of São Miguel’s Island and took me there. On our second day there we went for a surprise pic-nic, which is one of my favourite outdoor activities, with lots of marvellous treats, local delights, and some wine, all of this with the help of one of my friends who lives there. When we arrived at the place he had chosen for the picnic, he read a beautiful text he had written for me, got on one knee and proposed.”

Thier ceremony was a civil one even though both of them are Catholics, they believe that God is everywhere not only inside closed walls. For them, nature’s simplicity and beauty make them more connected to God than anything else. As soon as they visited Quinta do Hespanhol, surrounded by trees, shades, birds, and nature sounds, they both knew that was the place for their wedding. They just knew. It touched them as individuals and had everything that they cherish in life: pureness and natural beauty.

Ana and Alexandre planned everything themselves to the tiniest detail. They put 100% of them into this day, thought of every guest, in particular, every moment and every song choice. For almost a year they would schedule weekly meetings with each other to plan everything. They created the menus, tags, and all of the event design with the help of online platforms and software. That’s the way their wedding day became what it was.

They both say that there wasn’t any difficult part in planning. “Everything went through peacefully. We wanted to show everyone what we feel about each one and planning all the details was a total pleasure. We wanted our day to be everyone’s day too.”

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Photographer: Maria Rão // Venue: Quinta do Hespanhol // Florist: Amor e Lima // DJ: Jukebox // Dress Designer: Gio Rodrigues // Bridal Shoes: Fátima Alves Atelier // Bridal Jewellery: Jóias de Sanfins // Groom’s Attire: Gio Rodrigues // Groom’s Tie: Giovanni Gali // Groom’s Jewellery: Jóias de Sanfins // Groomsmen attire: Zara & Giovanni Gali // Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Cristina Rodrigues // Videographer: Atelier Rodrigo Oliveira

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