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Quirky Same-Sex Wedding Portraits with Dogs – Samantha & English

A short while ago Samantha and English tied the knot in a backyard wedding ceremony with only their closest of their friends and family in attendance. These sweet newlyweds had a few portraits taken together to celebrate their new marriage as they wanted to be sure to document the special time in their lives with beautiful photos.

English and Sam decided to bring along their two dogs during their session for a few photos of all of them together as a family. As you probably know, we love any photos with fur babies involved so we swooned when we saw these! The adorable pups, Kerwin and Zoe, wore a matching bandanna and bowtie set, and rocked out their photos with the couple!

These lovebirds laughed and giggled throughout their entire session! Their newlywed joy and excitement about this big step in their relationship is so evident in every photo of them together. Right after they had these photographs taken, English and Samantha took a big leap and moved to Colorado. So, not only were these portraits meant to commemorate their marriage and the beginning of their life together, but also their time in Columbia, South Carolina and their memories there.

Thank you so much to Jessica Hunt Photography for sharing these beautiful LGBT images with us!

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