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Rainy Engagement Session – Stephanie & Tobias

Stephanie came back from her first ski trip in 2014 and she kept mentioning this mysterious guy called “Kiwi”. From the very first time she mentioned his name, there was a sparkle in her eyes and excitement in her voice. They were in a long distance relationship, going through hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months apart. Then finally the day came that they moved in together, Tobi (Kiwi’s “real name”) was able to re-locate to Cologne, and they were able to plan a future together. These lovely photos were actually taken by her best friend, Luisa, who says that one day she received a call from Stephanie sayingn“Wir heiraten!!!“ (German for "we're getting married!") "I couldn’t even find the right words to express my happiness and excitement for them both! From the beginning, I knew they were perfect for each other! "As difficult as it is for best friends to live their lives in two different countries, our friendship is just exceptional and unconditional. We don’t need words to communicate, nor see each other every day to know what the other person is thinking or feeling. We have been through so many phases in our lives together, and I would not want to miss one single moment that we share. Nevertheless, living so far away makes this time of our lives even harder right now… So badly I wanted to hug & “happy-dance” with her when she told me about their wedding plans, wanted to surprise her with sparkling wine & balloons the next day and celebrate their love, wanted to shop around for all the little details for her wedding, drink wine (smoke some shisha) & plan her picture-perfect Pinterest-inspired wedding day. And that all got to me when we hung up the phone… Douglas was sitting next to me listening to our conversation, already guessing that they are getting married but he still does not completely understand every word in German. I could not hold it back anymore and just started crying… He had no idea what was going on, trying to calm me down, holding me and telling me “it’s gonna be okay”. And he is so right about that! We both know that our friendship is strong enough to plan her wedding over the phone, text, Skype and any other way possible!!!" They had their engagement photos taken in Germany, and of course, with their typical German weather it decided to change, the sky was covered in clouds, and it was pouring down rain without a break. Nevertheless, they decided to give it a try and shoot some breathtaking moments! Thank you to Luisa's Secret Photography for sharing these photographs with us. Find your perfect wedding vendors
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