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Ramble Creek Wedding – Taylor & Austin

Taylor and Austin met because they had a lot of mutual friends growing up in the same area of Knoxville. They were attending two different colleges at the time but Austin added Taylor on Facebook when he saw her picture with a bunch of his friends. He sent her a message on Facebook saying that her Golden Retriever was really pretty and he quickly found the way to her heart. They began dating and a couple months later made it “official”, they have been together for the 5 years ever since!

Austin and Taylor’s family had been using a cover story for about a week that they were going to be taking “graduation pictures” as she had just finished her Masters and Austin was graduating with his Bachelors a few months later. Taylor’s mom had said that her great-aunt was going to be with her real-estate business taking group pictures at a house near the water and that they were welcome to come and use the location as well for pictures. Austin had told Taylor he was going to be at work all morning and would meet them at the location after work. She was not too thrilled about doing graduation pictures but thankfully her mom was able to convince her to dress nicely and do her nails! Her mom drove her and as they looked for this house, she knew they were in the area of the wedding venue, Hunter Valley Farms. As they continued to drive around “looking for the house” they start to come up on the entrance for Hunter Valley Farms. She saw one car and a vintage car sitting close to the entrance. She thought there was a wedding going on but her mom started to pull in claiming she was going to “turn around” but Taylor started freaking out because she thought they shouldn’t be there with a wedding going on. As her mom continued to pull in, the driver of the vintage car began to step out of the car and walk toward them. Taylor continued to freak out thinking he was going to yell at them for being there! Her mom parked behind his car and began to say “No we are allowed to be here, this is for you!” Taylor then immediately knew what was going on! She got in the Rolls Royce car that drove her past the fields with horses and through the venue down to a board walk by the lake where Austin was waiting for her with flowers of her two favourite colours, orange and purple. He walked her down to a ceremony area and proposed!
The engagement ring contained a family diamond that was given to Taylor when she turned 18; she loved the diamond and decided to save it for an engagement ring. Austin did an incredible job of having it put into the most gorgeous ring! The ring was in a box that her Papaw had made just for them, using wood that had come from the Smoky Mountains many years ago which he had saved a long time. Austin had also hired a photographer, Kelsey Prater to capture all the moments of their proposal as well as a photo session afterwards. Following the photo session, the Rolls Royce took them both to Calhoun’s where there was a surprise party with so many of their family and friends! “The proposal was beyond amazing and so special! Austin did an incredible job of putting it all together, it could not have been more perfect!”

When it came to their wedding vision, they first wanted a venue that was naturally beautiful that did not require a lot of decorating. Taylor says she loves the natural beauty of the outdoors, especially in Tennessee, and wanted an outdoor wedding with fingers crossed for good weather! In the event of poor weather, they also wanted a venue that had a good backup plan that was also very pretty. Ramble Creek was perfect in being able to switch between outdoor or indoor if the weather was not good, and their indoor ceremony and reception area was just a beautiful as the outdoors with the natural wood and lighting!

A Ramble Creek Vineyard wedding had a touch of UT orange to represent how much this couple loves The University of Tennessee. Even Taylor admits that it turned out so much better than she could have imagined. Samuel Franklin was her florist, and he did a phenomenal job combining those two colours.

For Taylor’s dress, she wanted something very elegant and white with lace and beading, but not too extravagant. She found the perfect dress to balance both formal and simple. We love the detailed back! For Austin, Taylor loved the idea of him standing out against her dress and the other groomsmen and went with a dark grey suit compared to the groomsmen light grey.

One thing that happened on this wedding day that was too cool not to share, was the gift exchange between Taylor and Austin. A few weeks in advance, Austin reached out to Donna (Taylor’s mom) to discuss a couple things he was thinking for her wedding gift. They ultimately landed on a Bible with Taylor’s full name inscribed in gold lettering on the front. Donna thought it was a fabulous idea. A week or so later, she was with Taylor running a few errands when Taylor asked if they could swing by the Christian book store. She proceeded to tell Donna that she wanted to get Austin a Bible with his name on the front. On the inside, Donna was laughing so hard because she was the only one who knew that was exactly what Austin had gotten her. But to play it cool and not give her surprise away, Donna said Are you sure?? Doesn’t he already have a Bible? Taylor didn’t suspect a thing with that comment and went in to pick it out. Not only did they both get each other Bibles…but they picked out the exact same Bible in the same color with the same type and color of font and both chose to put the first, middle and last name for the inscription. How crazy is that??? If there wasn’t any other sign that they are supposed to be together forever, that is one that takes the cake.

Taylor says “Austin and I both had planned to get each other a gift that someone could exchange for us while we were getting ready the morning of the wedding. In addition, since we planned for standard vows for our ceremony, we wanted to include a letter and some personal vows to each other. A couple days before, Austin and I were in the car and jokingly talking about what if we had got each other the same gift. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that we were positive we hadn’t. Fast forward to the wedding day… I open my present and as I begin to see what it is, I was in absolute shock. Austin and I both got each other engraved Bibles, with Austin giving me mine to be the first item to ever have my new name. Not only that, we both got the same type of bible with the same color and engraving. It was absolutely mind blowing. And I know it sounds like such a coincidence, like surely we had mentioned getting these at some point, one of us hinted at it for a gift, seen it before, someone else told us about it, etc…but we 110% had NEVER talked about getting these for each other or anything. Lastly, our letters to each other were also so similar!! It was a true God moment I will never forget and always be thankful for!”

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Photography: Amanda May Photos // Venue, Event Planning & DJ: Ramble Creek Vineyard & Events // Floral: Samuel Franklin // Videography: Spenser Wilson Videography and Editing // Wedding Cake: Ramble Creek Cakes | Hair & Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty // Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises // Groom’s Attire: Regal Tuxedo // Bridesmaid Dresses: JJ’s House // Submitted via: Matchology

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