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Romantic Elopement in Paris, France

Paris is for lovers and the perfect backdrop for an elopement! Tiffany and Parker had the most ideal day in front of the Eiffel Tower exchanging vows followed by a romantic stroll through the streets.

From the florist/event planner: “Being a military wife isn’t always easy, that being said being one and trying to grow and run a business, well that’s even harder. I know from personal experience as I am a florist who has moved 3 times over oceans in the last 5 years. Having to pick yourself back up and lose so many connections due to a move can either motivate you more or devastate your creativity and business. Thankfully for me, I have been pushing towards my goals while in Europe and working myself hard to make lifetime connections. Meaning I must move past my creative limits, I decided to do that with setting up editorials all over Europe, starting with Paris.

As a florist and creative it has been a dream and goal of mine to work in all the major cities in Europe, specifically Paris, the city of lovers. Now that I am living in Germany I knew I must take advantage of my short time here and Paris is only 2 1/2 hours away by train made it so much easier. I am apart of some wonderful online creative communities and my peers were just as excited as I was to participate in this editorial. A custom made dress was specifically made for the occasion (designer: Olha Potapenko), with thousands of sequence covering the gown from head to train — to a beautiful, and massive, tulle skirt to attach to the hips for a more dramatic feel. To fit such a glamorous dress only the most beautiful blooms must be used. It being winter, me not speaking any French, made it all more difficult to order the flowers I needed, wanted. That’s where Michelle came into the picture. Michelle Wahila is a wedding pastor and planner based in Paris. I had worked on my last project in Paris with her so decided to reach out for help and I swear I would not have been able to pull it off without her! Ordering the flowers for me and picking them up as well as going through some other mishaps, all and all it came out perfect. She helped me connect with Joleen also once our makeup artist could not make it anymore, Joleen flew home to Paris from California just the night before and woke up to do makeup for our sunrise vowel renewal! Basically, things went wrong but thankfully with a strong creative team, and so much help, we pulled it off!

With the grey gown and the moodiness of Paris in the winter time, I chose strong and colored blooms. It consisted of celosia, clematis, ranunculus, Juliet roses, olive branches, and sweet pea because it’s one of my favorites with a color palette being “peach, red, burgundy, white, pale green”. Against the gown, it was so beautiful, but I’m just the florist so I’m biased.

As I said Paris is for lovers, so I knew I must find the right couple to fit my “Lovers in Paris” image. Tiffany and Parker came straight to mind! Tiffany is actually my hairdresser I found on a local Facebook page and we bonded quickly over our love for travel, being new to Germany living, military life and having a small business in a foreign country. Tiffany always told me if I ever needed models who are easy going in front of the camera her and her husband Parker and the perfect couple for that.”

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Photography: Anna Elizabeth Photography // Second Shooter: Camilla Wedding Studio // Floral Designer: Anastasiyas Blooms // Makeup Artist: Makeup by Joleen // Accommodations: Ruffled by Grace // Dress Designer: Olha Potapenko // Invitation Designer: Blattpapier Studio // Handmade Goods Designer: Silk and Willow

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