Romantic, evening NYC Anniversary Session – Meghan & Ivan

I’m a huge fan of the submission platform Two Bright Lights! The Let’s Bee Together wedding blog just wouldn’t be what it is today without it, I receive submissions daily from photographers across the world and get to swoon over beautiful weddings and related events every day. My job is pretty frickin’ awesome! When I looked into it I thought “yeah this looks good, I’m going to sign up to be a publisher” and then not long afterwards I got a call from a lovely lady called Meghan. Now… I’m so naff on the phone! I’m either really awkward and strange or I’m weirdly friendly like I’ve known you my whole life (that’s pretty much just what I’m like in general – haha), so I told Meghan that I was awful at phone calls and she just laughed and put me at ease straight away, something about her give off a vibe of “it’s ok” – it’s hard to describe.
Anywhoo, I followed her on Instagram and honestly, her face just radiates happiness, so when I received this submission from her lovely photographer friend Jessica Hunt Photography, I simply HAD TO have them on the blog! I mean, look at these two! Meghan and Ivan look like they’re made for each other and my heart is warmed by the obvious friendship and connection that Megan and Ivan share in these images!

They met in high school marching band when they were both in the saxophone section… She thought he was obnoxious, he thought she was cute. And somehow things turned around for her two years later and now the rest is history. These beautiful souls have been together for 16 years and married for 7 as of this month! Who knew that saxophones would bring them together!

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  1. Jessica Hunt

    July 10th, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing, Jade!! I loveeee these images, and I love Meghan so much!

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