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Romantic Lavander Engagement Session – Vivian & Victor

Vivian and Victor first met as infants, their parents have been friends for over 30 years, long before they were born. “We’d attend functions that both of our parents would go to but never really interacted much other than the forced hello and goodbye our parents would make us say. We started officially dating in January 2014, but our first date was on Victor’s birthday a few weeks prior. The whole situation was actually a setup, my mom and I ran into Victor’s mom at the mall and his mom had mentioned that he was coming home from grad school and that I should give him one chance and go on a date with him. What started out as a lunch date turned into dessert, then coffee. We both had plans that evening but couldn’t keep the other person off our minds, so we made plans for the second date and the rest is history. The proposal was in January of 2016. We had just gotten back from a vacation in Hawaii and Victor’s best friend and his wife decided to come to Seattle for a little mini getaway. Little did I know that the reason behind their visit was to aid Victor in his proposal. We went to brunch and a couple of touristy places in Seattle, and then headed up to Kerry Park (it overlooks the downtown Seattle skyline). We were taking photos when Victor got down on one knee, starting his proposal by saying “yep, this is happening” and I can’t really remember what else happened after that. We shared the news with our families and then celebrated the rest of the weekend with our “friends.

Nothing could have been the more perfect background to Vivian and Victor’s romantic engagement session than the lavender fields of Whidbey and the stunning Beach of Ebey’s Landing. Thank you to B. Jones Photography for sharing these images with us.

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