Romantic Same-Sex Sunset Anniversary Portraits – Brittany & Michele

Jessica Hunt Photography does so many beautiful same-sex engagements, weddings, and anniversary sessions – we adore her as a photographer and love every single one her photo shoots (LGBT and everything else)! This beautiful anniversary session is no exception. Brittney and Michele celebrated their first wedding anniversary last year, and they met Jessica outside on a beautiful fall evening in downtown Columbia, South Carolina to document some updated portraits for them, and it was flawless!

Brittany and Michele met in college and were actually both dating other people when they became friends. “We talked all the time and could not wait to be around each other. The relationship eventually became something more, and we broke it off with our other partners. We both knew from the very beginning that there was something special between us and despite some drama in the beginning (ending our other relationships and Michele’s family not being supportive), we made it and have never been happier.”

Michele is from Dillon, South Carolina, a small rural town about 2.5 hours from Columbia, South Carolina. She studied early childhood education and elementary education in college and obtained a master’s degree in divergent learning. She has been teaching for four years now and currently teaches fourth grade. Education is her passion and she loves seeing the positive change that she can have on children. Brittany and her love trying new restaurants and visiting new places. They are huge Gamecock fans and love going to football and basketball games.
She says that what she loves most about Brittany is the way she is constantly thinking about others. “She does everything she can to make me happy. She is always thinking about what is going on in my life and how she can make it easier and better for me. I love that she surprises me with back to school gifts/end of year gifts, trips away from home for no reason, and the best birthday/valentine’s/anniversary gifts. It’s like her goal in life is to make me happy and she does a pretty good job.”

Brittany is from outside of Charleston, South Carolina and moved to Columbia, South Carolina to attend college. She studied political science and continued that path in graduate school, obtaining a Master of Public Administration. She thought that she wanted a career in public policy and worked in the field until she lost her mother to cancer in January 2017. That moment changed her life and made her realise what was truly important. She quit her job and opened a business, 72 Coffee Company. She has found a true passion for coffee and sharing it with others, and she is so grateful that she realised this and was able to make a change in her life.
Her favourite thing about Michele is how passionate she is about her job. She’s a teacher and dedicates her life to her students. “I absolutely love how excited she gets when a student that has been struggling finally understands a concept, or when she’s found some new strategy to use in the classroom. I love how family-oriented she is and she truly has such a good heart. I hate saying this because it is so cliche, but Michele is most definitely my better half. She has completely changed me and I am so grateful she loves me.”

Brittany proposed October 2015 in Asheville, North Carolina. “We both love fall and the mountains, so I always wanted to do it during that time. We hiked up to the top of a mountain and I gave Michele a little book that I had made that included pictures of us through the years with song lyrics to “our songs.” On the last page, there was a picture of me holding a ring with the lyrics “I have loved you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more.” Michele saw the picture and said, “Are you serious?” and I pulled out the ring. She started crying and I couldn’t even speak. I mumbled will you marry me and she said yes!”

“The funniest thing about the entire proposal is that I had a photographer secretly capture it, but I wanted to keep it a secret the entire time. The photographer thought I was going to tell Michele that she was taking pictures and we could take a few staged photos after the proposal. So, the photographer kept getting closer and closer to us with her camera and she could see that I wanted her to back off, so she finally did. Michele asked me if she was taking pictures of us and I said, “she probably was on the mountain taking pictures and as an artist wanted to capture the moment once she saw it happen.” Michele believes everything so she didn’t even question it! I gave her the images for Christmas and she was so surprised.”

Michele has a single princess-cut diamond on a Tacori setting. They have matching bands that are thin eternity diamond bands. They say that they love that their bands match and it makes them feel even more connected.

“We’ve been married for a year now and the best thing about it is being able to say the word “wife.” In a same-sex relationship, there are always people that do not see your relationship as legitimate and everyone always assumes we are roommates or sisters, but to be able to say “no, this is my wife” is the best feeling. We were already living together and were basically married before we actually tied the knot, but making it official was so cool.”

Thank you to the brilliant, one and only, Jessica Hunt Photography for sharing these heartfelt images with us!

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