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Rustic East Tennessee Wedding – Rashanda & Amaliko

This beautiful couple’s love started online and ended up in the mountains. They met on a website and were just friends at first because they lived in different states, but that quickly changed when they realised that they truly enjoyed getting to know each other.  They spent the next few months dating long distance while travelling back and forth between Florida and Tennessee and discovered they were perfect for each other.

On one of Amaliko’s trips down while eating dinner, they began discussing how they were going to go about getting married. Rashanda said “our plans were getting really specific so I stated, “There is no need to make all these plans, you haven’t even proposed”.  He responds with, “I could have your ring right now” I laugh and dismissed him with “You wouldn’t have been able to keep that a secret”. We move onto another topic but a short time later he gets up from eating and goes upstairs. I am thinking to the bathroom but I jokingly say “are you going to get my ring”. I hear him come back but I continue to eat. When he doesn’t sit back down I turn to see what he is doing, and he is down on one knee with the ring. I was not expecting that!!”

They wanted a small intimate wedding. Rashanda says that she didn’t want anything super formal but instead wanted it to feel like a family gathering. They invited family and friends to their destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains at the rustically beautiful Cardinal’s Nest located in Sevierville, Tennessee. “Our venue was amazing. It was natural gorgeous so it didn’t need a ton of decoration. The venue also had various décor options which we used a lot of. We only choose to decorate the aisle runner and other odds and ends. My matron of honour handled all of those decorations including a frame which welcomed everyone to the wedding. It was gorgeous!”

We love the simple DIY elements of this beautiful day Rashanda’s matron of honour designed and put together all of the bouquets. All the bride had in mind was colours and she took it and made it come to life. Food was provided by Dead End BBQ and her family and friends helped her with the desserts. 

“The ceremony was my favourite part of the wedding. I have always heard that the wedding goes so fast, so we took a moment during the ceremony to stop, turn, and take it all in. I also loved the fact that we had a congregational vow section in which our family and friends were asked to commit to supporting us and reminding us of the vows we took before God.”

Rashanda adored her dress, as she knew it was going to be an outdoor wedding. She wanted a dress that was casually glamorous. “I think my dress succeeded in that. The lace floral details of the dress went perfectly with the outdoor ceremony. At my dress fitting, the seamstress suggested a hairpin that would look great due to me choosing not to wear a veil. My husband is more casual and just wanted a nice black suit. We found a charcoal one that worked out great. We found a tie that incorporated 2 of our weddings colours which made his outfit complete.”

“The weather ended up being an extremely special moment for our wedding. It had rained pretty much all week and it was a high chance of rain on the wedding day, which was outdoors. We rehearsed the day of the wedding and it rained during rehearsal (which was surprisingly romantic). But the rain dried up in time for the ceremony and it made for a perfect evening wedding. The rain waited until after the reception to come back. The moment I anticipated most was the first kiss and walk down the aisle. I have seen that moment plenty of times but to be in that moment was almost surreal. I was officially married!!”

Amaliko, made his way to the front and patiently waited for his gorgeous bride… and she did not disappoint. Her smile shone as she made her way to the man of her dreams. This beautiful couple beamed as they exchanged rings and read their vows. Their family and friends cheered them on through the kiss, the reception and the final exit through sparklers.

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Photographer: ST Photography Co // Venue: The Cardinal’s Nest // Caterer: Dead End BBQ

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