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Rustic Picnic Wedding

Is it possible to have a romantic and classy event that also allows everyone to chill and enjoy the vibe of the moment? That was the question this styled shoot team sought to answer with this shoot. The goal was to imagine: if I were a bride, looking at an outdoor wedding venue, what would make my day perfect?

Wedding planning can be challenging because people are trying to combine so many things: different personalities, different themes, and of course the realities of a budget. In order to get everything to line up, they began at the beginning: the venue.

The wedding planner says that one of her favorite outdoor weddings “are picnics/cookouts in the park, but the goal was to have this be more than just a rustic picnic. I envisioned: comfort, romance, and style. The venue leads itself to make the guests comfortable.”

“The venue was just the beginning. When inviting guests to an event, the invitations do half the work of setting up the vibe. The custom invitation suite by G.C. Lettering alluded to the bright, classy style we were attempting to achieve, letting guests know that we put care in to ensuring they would be treated to a treat for all their senses. And of course, we had the perfect rustic signage and décor to match the invitations!”

With the set up ready to go, the designer, Florence Labaze, put much thought in to the color scheme and the style of the décor. The colors (green, gold, white, with hints of pink) matched the venue, but also gave it a brightness that lent itself to an outdoor wedding. The floral designs by Mayuri’s Floral Design only added to the overall décor and provided some focal centerpieces that really brought everything together and allowed us to highlight the romance as well as the classy yet comfortable atmosphere.

Of course, the details of the event itself should never outshine the bride. They wanted to give the bride something romantic to wear, yet that also matched the outdoor, comfortable setting. From the flowy dress from Bella Bridesmaids Westport that the bride wore, to the cushions that adorned the benches, the atmosphere definitely lent itself to the trifecta of vibes: rustic, romantic, and classy.  

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Photographer: Kristina Staal Photography // Second Shooter: George and Claudia Photographers // Venue: Glen Island Park // Event Planner: The Capable Bride // Event Designer: Golden Apples Marketing // Bridesmaid Store: Bella Bridesmaids // Floral Designer: Mayuri’s Floral Design // Invitation Designer: Genevieve Cerasoli Design & Lettering // Hair Stylist: Beauty by Luna // Makeup Artist: Allyson Wisel // Model: Mod. Creative // Professional: JussKayVA

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