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Same-sex Summer Wedding – Deanna & Lesley

Deanna and Lesley met through a mutual friend. One day Lesley and the mutual friend invited Deanna to go to Charlotte with them. The entire ride they sang the songs from Frozen. One, in particular, called “Let It Go” off of the Frozen soundtrack. Deanna hollered from the backseat “Just let it go already.” Lesley laughed and thought it was the funniest thing. They hung out for months before they made it official.

The proposal came as a shock to Lesley. A friend of Deanna’s has a side business in photography and they had been trying to pick a day/time to take pictures with her, but could never narrow down a day. Deanna got the perfect chance to buy the ring while Lesley was out of town and whilst Lesley was gone, Deanna’s friend and she planned the surprise proposal. They told Lesley that Darden wanted to photograph them for her website that she was trying to create to get her business off the ground. They picked out their outfits and Lesley got all dolled up, had her nails done and fixed her hair and makeup, then they went to the Columbia Riverfront Park where Darden and Deanna had previously picked the spot. They took pictures in different areas to throw Lesley off, if she had a clue of what was going on. When they got to the spot, Lesley had no idea and Deanna got down on one knee and Lesley quickly said: “No you’re not.” Deanna told her that she was and asked her if she was ready to marry this boring old hag. And, of course, she said yes!

The theme that they wanted to go with was simple but rustic. Lesley is really into cowgirl boots and Deanna loves the simple life. For them, it’s the simple things that go a long way. The colours they chose for their wedding day were coral, navy blue, and white (simple, but elegant). They wanted to be able to share their day with the people that they love most and that’s exactly what they did.

Their wedding day was a bit steamy, but that didn’t affect their excitement or joy about getting married one bit. The Millstone at Adams Pond is a beautiful venue in Columbia, and its Spanish moss covered trees, and lovely ceremony location complemented Lesley and Deanna’s details perfectly. Both of these brides exchanged gifts to one another, wrote their own vows, and even made their reception decorations by hand.

Everything about their decorations were DIY. Deanna made the flower arrangements and picture frames for the centrepieces. Lesley and her best friend, Adrian did all of the wood framed pictures, and some of their good friends decorated the arch. Everything about the decorations were them and their style. The thoughts behind the decorations were to find stuff that they could also use to decorate their home with. To have a home filled with their wedding day memories makes for a beautiful home!

Deanna’s gift to Lesley was this special bracelet with some pretty meaningful thought behind it. Deanna said, “Kya is Lesley’s daughter, and I try to incorporate her into our lives as much as possible. I bought her a necklace a few Mother’s Day ago, and it was an infinity symbol connected by a heartbeat rhythm. Today, on our wedding day, to keep Kya incorporated into our lives and our family as we become one, I bought her a bracelet that has a heartbeat rhythm connected to a heart. The heartbeat will symbolize Kya’s life, and the heart would symbolize our love for one another. Connecting the two together will symbolize Kya always being apart of our lives as we grow as a family.”

One of Lesley’s gifts to Deanna on their wedding day was a small framed photo of Deanna and her grandmother to attach to Deanna’s boutonnière.

The florals fit their theme perfectly, simple but elegant. Both brides floral arrangements were made of wood. They were personally carved out by a woman that Lesley found on Etsy. Deanna found the perfect flower pieces that matched the wedding colours that just happened to be her best friends arrangements in her home. The centrepieces on the table were flowers in a mason jar which fit the country and rustic theme and they were perfect!

Everything about their dinner was personalised. Family and friends made everything, from the BBQ to the cake made by Deanna’s mother. They say that is hard for them to narrow down a specific thing about the wedding that was their favourite because it was all so amazing. The wedding had their personality all over it, “that might be what we liked most about it.”

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Photographer: Jessica Hunt Photography // Venue: The Millstone at Adam’s Pond // Dress Store: David’s Bridal // Ribbon: Honey Silks & CO // Invitation Designer: Vista Print // Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Nautica // Apparel: Asher Green // Shoes: Old Gringo Boots // Other: Hobby Lobby

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