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Scully Park Engagement – Abigail & Tanner

Abigail shared how she and Tanner first met and how long they have been together… “We first talked to each other through an online dating website. The first time we truly met each other was three weeks after we exchanged phone numbers, on our first date in Lincoln! We’ve been seeing each other for a year and seven months. Our first date was in Lincoln. We met at a Walmart parking lot, and then an awkward side hug ensued. Afterwards, she somehow got in my car, and we went to Guzzardo’s Italian Villa for dinner.  We then went to see The Jungle Book in the movie theatre next. After that, it was the best moment of the date. We went to a park bench and just talked for three straight hours. Finally, I was dropped back off at my car. Little did we know it was only the beginning.”

Abigail shared “Tanner took me back to the very park bench we sat and talked at on our first date. I was upset because all week I had hoped he was going to propose for my birthday but he told me that wasn’t in the plans. So at the park, there was a wedding taking pictures, and I was still so upset because I really wanted to get engaged! Next thing I know, Tanner is on one knee holding a very shiny ring! He was shaking and sweating and started to put the ring on the wrong hand. His dad was there recording the whole thing. We then returned to Springfield where all of our family was waiting for us with a surprise party. It was the absolute best!”

Some of the things Abigail and Tanner enjoy doing together “We love to go to sporting events: Cardinal Games, Peoria Chief Games, U of I games, etc. We also like to travel and shop- oddly enough one of our favourite places to go is Aldi because we always find the most interesting things!”

Tanner shared with us what he loved about Abigail, “I love Abby because she loves me for who I am. I’m not the most normal person in the world by any means. Sometimes I’m crazy, odd, weird, etc…but somehow she stays with me. If that’s not a woman to keep around, then I don’t know who is. I also love her for her absolute loyalty. I know no matter what happens she will always be by my side, even when I screw up. I could go on and on about her all day. She is a loving, caring, beautiful, amazing, all over the place, strong-willed, fascinating, tender, Christian.”

For their engagement session, they re-created their first date and proposal. We adore engagement sessions that are in locations that truly mean something to the couples; it makes the wedding experience that much more meaningful. Abigail shares what she adores about Tanner “I love Tanner because he makes me laugh. He gets my quirky sense of humour and is so supportive of me in everything I do. He is so kind and thoughtful and the best planner I know (which is why I sometimes call him Tanner the Planner) He is very level headed and knows how to calm me down when I get upset. He loves me for who I am flaws and all. I love that he is always genuinely complimenting me in some way. He has quickly become my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend forever with him! It’s been a challenge to maintain a relationship from 70 miles away when we both work opposite shifts, but we do the best we can and are very ready to be settled into a new life together in Springfield!” 

Thank you to Aimee Novy Photography for sharing these images with us.

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