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Sentimental Annapolis Garden Wedding – Rebekah & Ryan

Ryan and Rebekah met at their church, Mosaic. Ryan knew her family and had spotted her at church. He says it was an instant connection but she remembers none of it. He asked her to get coffee with him and she said yes. They had their first date on Valentines day by accident (no pressure!) and ended up sitting at a coffee shop for about 6 hours. The rest is history! Ryan proposed in Annapolis on a pier by the water. One of their more official dates was to Annapolis, so it has always been one of their “spots.” It’s actually where they had their first kiss. Ryan had her friends take her to dinner and then they walked around to the pier and there he was with roses lining the pier and Marry Me by Train Playing. Then they went back to her parents to celebrate. “It was perfect.”

The inspiration behind their wedding was just to make it simple, pretty and fun! They did shades of purple and grey for their colour palette because Rebekah loves incorporating different tones and wanted her bridesmaids to be comfortable in the shade they picked to wear  (she is also extremely indecisive so usually avoids picking just one thing!). They wanted their ceremony to tell their story well and reflect Jesus in a way that all of their guests could understand.

They chose the historic Londontown and Gardens to hold their wedding ceremony and reception. This Annapolis wedding venue is tucked unto Edgewater and they fell in love with the water views and beautiful gardens. On their day, an unexpected cold front came in but the sunshine and throw blankets (snuggling encouraged) that Bekah and Ryan prepared helped bring back a little bit of warmth. The garden environment was also beautifully complemented by the florals from Violet Floral Designs and custom wooden arch crafted by Andrew Green, Rebekah’s brother.

Pretty much all of their wedding decor was DIY. Rebekah comes from a family who says “why buy that when we can make it”. Her brother is a woodworker, so he made the centrepieces and came up with the idea to use light bulbs as vases. He also made a custom arch for the wedding ceremony. Rebekah did all the lettering for centrepieces, the seating chart, and the signage. One of her best friends and her mom made the floral arrangement that was on the arch and she re-purposed an old desk to use as a dessert table.

When it came to their florals, Rebekah said that they had the most amazing florist who made the most beautiful bouquets. “I met with her and showed her a few pictures and said “I don’t know anything about flowers.” She took what we talked about and ran with it and it turned out better than I could have imagined. The flowers she used had a dusty lavender look that complimented all the girls dress and our decorations so well. The floral arrangements on our ceremony arch was made by a friend and her mom. I called them a week or two before the wedding needing help and they went to the craft store and came up with something stunning. I plan to use it as a decoration in our bedroom. Our centerpieces had baby’s breath in the DIY vases. We also used extra baby’s breath throughout some of the other decorations and in mine and my bridesmaids hair.”

“My dad and I did a special father daughter dance ending in a mashup dance where my brothers also came out. That was probably one of my highlights because my family is really close so to have that memory with my dad and brothers was really fun and special. I also had a first look with my dad which was great because he is known for being emotional, so it was really sweet. My favorite part was seeing Ryan, my husband for the first time as I walked down the isle. We chose to go traditional and not see each other before the ceremony. I will never forget the anticipation leading up to seeing him and the joy when I first locked eyes with him walking down the isle. I also had one of my longest friends and her husband playing live music for our ceremony, which was so lovely. Our pastor is amazing and made our ceremony so sweet and funny at the same time. I had a lot of my family and friends come up to me afterwards saying that it was one of their favorite ceremony they had been too because of him. All in all we loved every part of our day and love partying during our reception. I don’t think Ryan and I left the dance floor more than once during the whole reception.”

Rebekah wanted a dress that was affordable, pretty and something she could dance in. She admits to being extremely indecisive and not very picky. Her dress ended up being more special to her than she thought because she loved it so much.Ryan wanted to wear grey, but other than that he didn’t have a specific “look.” He mostly just wanted a good suit that fit him right. Ryan’s one main request was that all of his groomsmen where a watch. Ryan loves nice watches, so that is what completed the look for him.

The couple were surrounded by such fun and love as everyone fully celebrated their wedding day with laughter, joy, dancing, and pie! Bekah is a dancer and made sure her dress was dancing ready so she could break it down during the reception. Everyone especially enjoyed the surprise choreographed dance with her Dad and brothers! 

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Photography: Katherine Elizabeth Photography // Venue: Historic London Town & Gardens // Floral Designer: Violet Floral Designs // Dress Store: David’s Bridal // Caterer: Bayside Bull Catering // Cake Designer: Manda Bakes Cakes

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