Engagement Shoots

Same-sex engagement session in the streets of wintery Paris – Luiza & Gisele

It was 5th August 2013 when Luiza and Gisele first saw each other. They both worked for the same organisation, and Luiza says that Gisele “was giving a speech regarding a subject that I was completely aware of – so I actually had planned not to be there. When I saw her, I could not avoid sitting, observing the flawless way she could talk about something she enjoys and hearing the sound of her voice, ‘until the end of her speech. Some days after, I found the courage to send her an e-mail (she did no fave Facebook or any social media, which I found weird, hehe) inviting her to have lunch with me. After that, we could not avoid being together.”

Thank you to Paris Photographer Pierre for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

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