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Skokie Courthouse Wedding – Hetty & Parke

Hetty and Parke had a romantic, colourful, Chicago courthouse wedding. Hetty is from London, and while visiting her best friend, Noellia, in America they went to a party where Noellia specifically said “it will be fun, but there won’t be any interesting boys there”….. boy was she wrong! That night at the party Hetty met Parke, and they talked all night long. Later that same night she told her friend she just met her husband! They had a whirlwind long-distance romance and were finally ready to tie the knot. They both love Chicago (Parke lived here for years), and it was a natural location choice for the bright urban feel they wanted for their special day.

In attendance were the couples parents, grandparents and very best friends. They started their day at the Airbnb they were renting, and although the couple had an intimate courthouse wedding, the details were stunning. The locket Hetty tied around her bouquet carried the photos of the couple’s grandparents who had passed away. Hetty’s father helped her DIY her orange heels by painting the undersoles blue for her “something blue”.  Hetty and her mother searched until they found the perfect earrings that complemented her dress with the geometric angles perfectly.

Hetty’s gift to Parke was a watch on a custom stand that said: “here’s to being in the same time zone.” The couple also had custom converse made with “Mr. and Mrs. on the back.” They then headed to Skokie Courthouse for Hetty and Parke to exchange vows. After they made it official, they headed to the “Greetings from Chicago” mural in Logan Square and finally to the Bucktown neighbourhood for some fun urban wedding photographs.

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Photographer: Lisa Kay Creative Photography // Venue: Skokie Courthouse // Hair Stylist: Stephanie Bloom // Makeup Artist: Pin me up Chicago // Jewellery: Riveter Nashville // Floral Designer: Fleur

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