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Snow Covered Sunrise Engagement Session – Korynn & Preze

On March 17th, 2017, Korynn got a message on Match that simply said, “Hey, how are you?” After returning the question, Crunktitan27 said, “I am just relaxing after a week with my third graders.” she eagerly explained that she was also a third-grade teacher! The rest was history. They talked on Match for one weekend and their messages turned into emails, the emails turned into text messages, and then the messages turned into their first date two weeks later. Korynn lives in Lancaster and Preze lives in Maryland so he planned a sweet date that met right in the middle. They saw a movie, shared a drink at Starbucks, and enjoyed dinner at Preze’s favorite restaurant. After dinner, they spent another two hours talking about who they are and their hopes for the future.

Preze says that he thinks of himself as a pretty traditional person with a regular routine as he tends to stray away from popular trends. “I figured I would have met my future wife at a coffee shop, through a friend, or even at a bar. However having exhausted those options, I knew I had to step my game up and enter the realm of… online dating. Online dating for me was like learning how to walk. I had to go through multiple stages until I was successful, thus becoming “Matched” with the perfect person for me.”

One of the most special parts of their relationship is that they’re both third grade teachers. Ther dedicate the gifts God has given them to educate their students. They share lesson plans, teaching strategies, and create multiplication songs to help the kids learn their facts. Korynn teaches in a Title 1 school where most of her students live in poverty and carry a backpack full of trauma each day. Preze is her best encourager and supports her in and outside of the classroom. Outside of the classrooms, they just love to spend quality time together whether that’s going shopping, taking a walk, starting a new Netflix series or visiting one of their favorite coffee shops.

Korynn says “as a teenager, I remember my mom always telling me to pray for my future husband. As I graduated from high school and then college, I continued to give God this area of my life. My deepest prayer was that I would marry someone with the same desires as my heart so that we may serve God together. I knew he was the one the first day I met him. We shared our careers, our passion for children, and most importantly our faith. He is everything I prayed for and then some. He is respectful, loyal, and kind. He is the most resilient person I know and my best friend. He is my inspiration.”
From Preze’s perspective, he says that his mother “was my/is my biggest supporter and critic. Although she passed away when I was a child, I still feel her presence, especially when it comes to big decisions. So when I was still out in the dating scene I would get these unexplainable feelings that would symbolize to move on from the whoever I would be talking to at the time. Those feelings I am sure came from my mom, as she would want me to date/ marry only the best. During the onset dating phase with Korynn I never experienced those unexplainable feelings, rather I only felt loved. From that I knew my mother approved of Korynn, thus giving me her blessing to move forward with the relationship. Not too long after getting the approval from my mother, I told Korynn I loved her and was happy to know the feelings were reciprocated.”
When it came to the proposal, Preze told Korynn to bring something nice to wear for dinner he arranged on a Sunday evening during July in Maryland. After getting ready, she remembers waiting in the kitchen. He quickly told her to put her shoes on. Soon enough, she looked up and he asked her to come to this one special spot in his apartment where the sunlight shines through. At first, he pretended to propose, while opening up an empty box. However, before she knew it, he presented a beautiful box with Song of Solomon 3:4 etched in the glistening silver keepsake. He got on one knee, shared his love for Korynn through his words, and proposed. It was personal, yet sweet – exactly as Korynn had hoped. He took her to the restaurant where they had their first date to celebrate. 
Preze says that the proposal that he envisioned was nothing like the one that happened. “Being a man I ruined the surprise by being overly excited and overly obvious. The weekend I was proposed it rained, thus ruining my plans to take her to the local state park to propose during a magnificent sunset. So instead of waiting to propose the following weekend that had better weather, the proposal had to happen according to plan (curse my logic), as the ring was “burning a hole in my pocket.” The actual proposal took place in my apartment on a Sunday. However, Friday and Saturday of that weekend I was beside myself, as I would burst out in random laughter and make comments about her nails not being done. Korynn could have cared less about the location and surprise factor of the proposal. It was a special moment regardless.”
Amongst the lesson plans and busy teaching schedule, Korynn and Preze can’t wait for their wedding day. “We have our date, venue, church, DJ, florist, and I cannot forget our amazing photographer who has done an incredible job capturing our love thus far in our engagement shoot. Oh… and of course, I said yes to the dress! Our hope for our wedding day is that it glorifies God, exemplifies the love we have for each other, includes all the people we cherish the most, and has an energetic dance floor full of joy and laughter. If we had a few words to describe our wedding style it would be elegant, classic, and romantic. Our colors are gray, navy blue, and varying hues of pink. We pray that our vision for our wedding day falls into place just as we hope.”

Korynn and Preze wanted golden sun photos at sunset but with weather and holiday timing challenges, they opted for a sunrise session. The day before the sunrise session was scheduled, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. The snow with the amazing coral colors in the sunrise made this a pure magical engagement session. They then ventured into the City of Lancaster to capture some sweet coffee shop and rooftop photos. 

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Photographer: Annie Sharp Photography // Venue: Rockford Plantation

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