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State House Engagement Shoot – Kristen & Jack

Kristen and Jack’s story began in the hallways of A.C. Flora high school in Columbia, South Carolina. Kristen says that Jack saw her “for the first time our freshman year and he was told by a friend that I was the, “prettiest girl in school.” (aw, so sweet but so not true!!) In his mind, Jack thought he would never have a chance. Wasn’t he crazy for thinking that?!? (& isn’t it ironic, I’d be getting married to the most handsome guy in the world!) Well, towards the end of Junior year he started walking me to class and would randomly sit by me and just be the kindest person ever, who never failed to make me laugh. During the latter part of the summer before our Senior year, I decided to add him on Snapchat (tehe, social media has its perks!! 🙂 ) We began talking and flirting as two young high schoolers would. We decided to go on a Baskin- Robbins date and play 20 questions, because of course, my corny self suggested it, and because it would be “fun” right?! LOL. We were so nervous about asking goofy questions to try to get to know each other that we didn’t even finish the game OR our ice-cream!!! And if you know us, you know food is never unfinished!! At the start of our Senior year, we didn’t have one class together. We actually never had a class together all 4 years of high school. UNTILLLL, Jack went to the guidance office to CHANGE HIS SCHEDULE so that he would be placed in the exact AP English Course that I was enrolled in. BEST DECISION OF HIS LIFE!!!! (just kidding 😛 ) Talk about a flirt, he would sit behind me and flick my hair, throw pieces of paper at me, and wink across class and try to be the biggest distraction to me as I was trying so hard to focus. But of course, my focus was on the handsome guy trying to get my attention, so I guess you could say he succeeded!! Haha. So, we decided to continue our journey of falling in love by grabbing a bite to eat at Chipotle after classes (his favourite) and taking it home to watch a football game and meet his family. His family was a joy and still is to this day; I am so blessed to be able to call them my futures. Well, like a Cinderella story with leaving her shoe behind, I “accidentally” left my Chipotle leftovers in the fridge. (no, really it wasn’t on purpose but to this day Jack still thinks it was lol) As you can well imagine, he took the opportunity and asked me if I wanted to pick it up after school. Of course, I didn’t really want the leftovers (duh!), but I said yes because I wanted to see him again. So, I came over and grabbed my chipotle and he took my hands and kissed me and asked if I would be his girlfriend!!! *insert girly screams*AHHH BEST DAY EVER!!! Since then, we have been the best of friends.  Jack is the biggest goofball, yet so sensitive, sweet, and has a heart of gold. He always puts God first and will help anyone in need, no matter the circumstance. Jack is my biggest fan and I am his. He is my better half and completes me fully. I catch myself in moments where I just can’t stop smiling at him as I thank God each and every day for him and his love. I am the luckiest girl in the world to know that God has made the most amazing man in His image for me, and I am so blessed God would love me enough to give me Jack. People say, “Don’t marry now, you’re too young,” or “You have the rest of your life,” but I say to myself and to Jack, if I know the love of God, and the love that He has for me and for you and for everyone, then why would I want to wait when I have been given just a glimpse of that love by loving you. We want to start our adventure together through the good times and not so good times. We want to grow in our relationship with each other as husband and wife, as well as through Christ; we can’t wait any longer because we are so excited! Two weeks. Two weeks was all it took for him to tell me that he loves me. I knew the day he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and the day he told me he loved me, that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. And to this day, we never fail (except on occasions where we are together) to send a good morning and good night text to let each other know how much we love and cherish each other’s happiness and journeys each day. We are so giddy and filled with young love.”

When it came to their proposal, it was a “normal” day out fishing on May 26th with both of their Dads. Kristen says that they “went out to a pond that my family are members of and just had a wonderful time fishing, it’s something we love to do together. Then Jack said that he would call me later and let me know the plans. (We are hardly ever separated so I was a little suspicious hehe) But then he called me when we got home and told me to dress really nice and that we were going on a fancy date. He said I needed to be ready by 5:15 pm because he has reservations but he needed to do something first (that made me even more suspicious with the “do something first” part lol). See, we’ve always talked about getting married and starting our life together, I just didn’t realize it was going to be so soon in the summer! (But trust me, I was happy!!) He picked me up in that good ole Chevy Silverado that we all love. I wore the cutest jumper that I’d been saving for a special moment 😉 With a few winks and smiles exchanged by my parents to him, off we went! He then said he needed to go by the pond ( the one where we fell in love-a family friend’s pond) and pick up a large limb that fell in the yard. So we got out of the car and slowly walked up to the back of the house where the pond is. He grabbed my hand, his was clammy and he kept squeezing it in a nervous way. Then we went around the corner and he had lights strung up all along the dock, flowers at the beginning and end, pictures hung up from our best memories, champagne, a blanket with candles, and a sign at the end that said: “you’ll forever be my always.” He told me how much he loved me and how he can’t wait to spend forever with me and that I was always the girl for him and will forever be. Then he got down on one knee at the end of the dock and asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes!!! We were both so nervous but filled with excitement that our tears turned into wobbling legs, that turned into smiles. It was the best! Then he told me to turn around and smile at the cameras. There were two people hiding in the bushes!! So sweet!!! Then I saw my family and his family coming down to congratulate us as a surprise too! We took pictures and celebrated, then went out as a family to our favourite restaurant! It was seriously the best day of my life. He picked out the most beautiful ring for me and asked me in the most special way at our sweet pond where we fell in love.”

Kristen’s ring can be described in three words: vintage, classy, and sparkles!!! “He picked out the most beautiful yellow gold ring, size 4.25 for my itty bitty fingers! It’s got a little over half a carat centre diamond that is close to a perfect diamond in the 4 “c’s”. There are beautiful diamonds that surround the side of the main diamond in the setting. There’s an intricate detail that is no other word than stunning. Words can’t describe how jaw-dropping my ring is.”

Thank you to Jessica Drew Photography for sharing thesew images with us.

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