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Summer Sun-Filled Engagement – Anna & Kyle

Anna and Kyle met on the first day of their last semester of High School. They were the only two seniors placed in a walking for wellness class. Anna saw Kyle walk into the gymnasium, and she knew immediately that she had to talk to him. Kyle walked up to some mutual friends, and Anna decided to chime into their group conversation. After everyone was told to sit down for class, Kyle decided to ask Anna if he could sit next to her. The moment he sat down, they couldn’t stop talking. In fact, they can’t remember a single thing the teacher said that day because they were too busy talking!

When it came to the proposal, Kyle decided to call Anna on a random Monday morning while she was at work. (December 12, 2016, to be exact.) He told her he wanted to eat some really good food for dinner and asked if they could go to downtown historic Annapolis to eat at the Iron Rooster (YUM!). He also stated he wanted to go with their friends Mike and Kristyn Krohe. Anna agreed, even though they were trying to make an effort to not eat out to save money. When Anna came home from work that day, Kyle was already at home playing video games. Anna was exhausted from work and Kyle told her to take a nap before dinner. Cue the most knocked out nap of Anna’s life! Kyle was glad that she passed out, it gave him time to get ready and stash the ring! When it was time to go to Annapolis, he woke Anna up and they headed out to dinner. They hit a lot of traffic on the way down to Annapolis, and Anna shared all her feelings and frustrations about life recently. Their friends, Mike and Kristyn, said that they were running late and wouldn’t be down in Annapolis for a little while. Once Anna and Kyle arrived in Annapolis, Kyle said that since their friends were running late that they should walk down the pier and look at the boats on the water and all the pretty Christmas lights. Anna agreed even though their reservation at the Iron Rooster was soon. They walked down the pier for a long time, and Anna started to complain several times that they needed to turn around to make their reservation. Kyle insisted that they kept walking. It was a beautiful December night, and there was hardly anybody in Annapolis that night. Once they made it to the end of the pier, Kyle started to tell Anna incredibly sweet things while standing behind her. Anna was shocked by how sweet Kyle was being and decided to turn around. That’s when Kyle was down on his knee’s asking her to marry him! She, of course, said YES!! Anna cried lots of happy tears, and then they went back to the Iron Rooster where they met friends and ate delicious homemade Pop Tarts!

For their engagement session, this happy couple went to the docks in Downtown Annapolis along with their pup Chance. With perfect weather and a sun-filled morning, they started at the docks, headed up Blagden Alley, and wrapped up their fun session at the State House.

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Photographer: Heather Ryan Photography // Venue: Downtown Annapolis

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