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Summer Traveling Themed Bridal Shower – Madeline & Dave

Madeline is one of Elliston Vineyard’s Senior Event Coordinators. Having done so much for all the brides that have gotten married at Elliston in the last handful of years that she’s been there when it came to her big day, it had to be celebrated in style. Her mother and girlfriends did a great job of putting together this fun travel themed bridal shower for her and some girlfriends because she and her husband-to-be loved to travel on their time off. Lots of pastels yet with subtle pops of colour along with many small travel signs and decor items.

“David and I met when we were 14 in high school.  We had a few friends in common and had History and Health class together freshman year. We (mostly David) talked and got to know each other.  We really didn’t become friends until sophomore year when our friend groups ate lunch together almost every day.  After the school year had ended, David asked me out on the 4th of July!  We were 16 when we started dating, so we had been together for almost 10 years when he popped the question. We were having an early Thanksgiving dinner at his sister’s home. He told me to wear “whatever” since it was such a casual event.  I was planning a Disneyland trip the next week and I was sure he was going to ask me during that trip, so I was so not expecting anything before then.  After dinner, he came out holding a large sign that he had turned away from me.  He turned the sign around and it read, “Will you Marry Me?”.  I, of course, said yes, and then to my surprise, my parents came in, they had been waiting outside! I was definitely surprised and very excited to share this moment with our families.”

“Our theme was Travel. David and I love to travel together and it is a big part of our relationship so it seemed natural to have that as the theme for the bridal shower.”

“My bridal party and mom did a great job with bringing in personal items to the bridal shower.  Many of the decor items were things that my parents had in their home since they share our love of travel.”

“My Grandma is an avid gardener and picked flowers for her garden and arranged them for the centrepieces for the dining tables.  It was so special having her bring her flowers for the day and she loved putting them together.”

“We brought in a lot of photos of David and I traveling together and placed those around the venue. When guests walked in they saw the guestbook table. There my mom had brought in a vintage luggage piece that held small champagne bottles with luggage tags. These, along with custom travel-themed cookies were favors for the guests. One of my bridesmaids made signs to place around the venue that said “Baggage Claim” for the favours, “In-Flight Drinks” at the bar, “Luggage Drop-Off” for gifts, etc.”

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Photographer: Simple Joie Photography // Venue: Elliston Vineyards


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