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Summer Wedding on the First Day of Fall – Ariel & Jeremy

Ariel met Jeremy when she had just moved to San Diego in late July 2016. It was her fourth day at her first real job and her co-worker Noah was taking her around to the different courthouses to become familiar with the job role. That Thursday, they were in El Cajon courthouse in front of Department 4 when he stopped to talk to an attorney named Jeremy Elias, who had a client on their program. The two were briefly introduced and then Ariel stood by silently as they had a conversation. The next day, she was observing in Department 9 in the Downtown courthouse. She walked in, took a seat in the second to last row and who should be at the podium doing his thing, but Jeremy, the attorney she met the day before. She says that she was so excited because “I didn’t know many people in San Diego and was excited I recognized someone after my first full week at work! And to make matters even more exciting, he recognized me and came and sat down next to me! He started asking me what I was doing, helped me with my observations, and invited me to spend Thanksgiving with him, you know, casual first conversation stuff. He then gave me his business card and said to text him. we talked for a little more and then he got up to leave and said again, ‘no really, text me’. So I did just that, but from my work cellphone. That is, until I realized he was definitely (maybe?) trying to ask me on a date. I eventually gave him my personal cell phone number and we agreed to go out on Saturday night! And we have been together ever since!”

When it came to the proposal, Ariel says that it was like any other night, “Jeremy and I were sitting outside on our balcony on our bleacher seats. We were talking about eloping, a conversation we had been having for awhile. He then made a comment, ‘well, we can’t elope yet. We aren’t even engaged yet!’ So I said, ‘well, maybe I can change that!’ And I got down on one knee, professed how deeply I was in love with him, and asked him to marry me. He was speechless and just nodding his head. He asked me (jokingly) if I had a ring for him and I unfortunately didn’t. We found a keychain flashlight, took the key ring off, and I got down on one knee again and asked him again! Of course, he said yes again! The next day, we were going to the Barrister’s Ball at his law school, so we were getting all dolled up. Early in the day, we went to Robin’s Brothers The Engagement Ring store and I bought him a real engagement ring. That night, before the ball when we were all dressed up, I got down AGAIN, with a new speech, and asked him to marry me, officially!”

When their wedding day finally arrived it was nothing short of spectacular. Ariel and her bride tribe began the day getting ready at the Mermaid Cottage in Ocean Beach. They sipped mimosas while getting all dolled up and ready for Ariel’s first look with her dad. After a short trolly ride to Harbor Island Park, Ariel was greeted with her blindfolded groom-to-be for their first touch. Their wedding was officiated by Ariel’s grandmother whom wowed their guests with her charm. So much so that several people asked if she was available to officiate their wedding! Ariel and Jeremy were joined by their guests from all over the states for good laughs, great company and lots of dancing! Jeremy even surprised Ariel and all of their guests with a brand new haircut right in the middle of the reception!

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Photographer: Paul Douda Photography // Venue: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse & Mermaid Cottage – Ocean Beach // Event Planner: Willmus Weddings // Floral Designer: Tess Fresh Flowers // Favours: San Diego Candy Buffets // DJ: DJ Dre Motion // Photo Booth: Pixster Photo Booth // Hair Stylist: A Toast 2 Beauty // Dress Store: White Flower Bridal Boutique // Ring Designer: David Levi & Sons Jewelry // Transportation: San Diego Trolley Tours

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