Surprise proposal & sunrise session at the Eiffel Tower – Jessica & Eric

Jessica and Eric met when they were sophomores in high school but it wasn’t until their senior year when they fell in love. Eric was very bold and called her after getting her phone number from a mutual friend. They began to talk on the phone every day and started to spend more and more time together and began to fall in love… they got together in May 2007 and moved in together in December 2007 and have been together ever since!

They decided to go to Paris because Jessica took French in high school and has wanted to visit Paris ever since. “The city seemed so beautiful and we’ve always talked about going and then decided we should just go for our 10 year anniversary to celebrate the milestone.”

Eric says that they’ve always talked about taking a trip to Paris and last year they started planning it and he knew it would be the perfect time to propose. “I thought it would be nice to do it while we went to Paris because Jessica and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and she has always wanted to visit Paris. I had seen proposal videos in Paris in the past and I knew it would be the perfect location for an epic proposal. Jessica and I started looking into hiring a photographer to take pictures of us while we were there in order to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and that’s when we came across Pierre and we both fell in love with his work. Jessica hired him for our “anniversary” pictures but she had no idea that there was a huge surprise in the making. I later emailed Pierre to inform him that I wanted to do a surprise proposal and he helped me through the process.”

Jessica says that she had no idea. “It was funny because everyone who knew that we hired Pierre to take our pictures kept asking if I thought Eric would propose and I kept saying no, only because although we always knew we would get married, we weren’t in a rush to do it (even though we’ve been together for 10 years). I was very surprised! He didn’t act weird before the proposal so I didn’t have any suspicions. He even insisted that he take a bag with him by telling me it would be for my extra shoes (since I was wearing heels), when in reality he took it to hide the ring box. So sneaky!”

They both say that the surprise proposal was magical! A little nerve racking in the minutes leading up to the proposal (for Eric). They were happy, relieved (Eric), and excited overall. It made the rest of their trip even better because they were able to celebrate. The proposal took place on June 8th and they will be getting married next year on June 8th in Costa Mesa, California. The wedding will be a little nontraditional, modern and elegant. They found a wonderful venue and will be displaying their pictures for the guests!

Thank you to the amazingly talented Paris Photographer Pierre for sharing these proposal images with us. We LOVE all of the photos we’ve seen! Next time we’re in Paris I think we’ll have to meet up!

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