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Sweet engagement in Downtown Southern Pines – Sarah & Jamie

Sarah and Jamie are planning a sweet wedding get-away in the Turks and Caicos this autumn and then they're planning a big celebration the following spring at Rubicon Farms in North Carolina.  

They met each other when Jamie came over to Sarah's house for a bbq and they became friends. Sarah was married previously and had a son, Chase. But she divorced and when Chase was 6 months old, and she and Jamie started to talk about their love of animals and they quickly became inseparable. 

"Jamie asked me to marry him at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill under the image of the night sky of our first date. He also had them play our favorite song and project the night sky from Alaska (for my brother who is stationed there).  Jamie even got my son to bring him the ring box and had him help ask me to marry him.  He is the most romantic person that I know."

Their engagement session started at Weymouth Gardens for a romantic and fun session, and then they headed to historic downtown Southern Pines for a sweet treat with Chase.

Thank you to Jennifer B. Photography for sharing these sweet images with us.

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