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Sweet Indulgent Cakes – the first of our cake review series!

I often find myself salivating over all the gorgeous cakes we feature on Let’s Bee Together, so when we were offered the opportunity for a free cake tasting as a gift from the wonderful Sweet Indulgent Cakes, I couldn’t have said “YES” any faster! And oh boy was I in for a treat! Before we get stuck in to a full review, let me just introduce Sweet Indulgent Cakes, an ex-military Aircraft Engineer turned bespoke luxury cake designer based in Reading, Berkshire. We’ve been following Sarah’s delightful bakes on Instagram for a short while now, and she’s well worth a follow.

Last Tuesday, my husband, who runs his own social media business as well as helping with the Let’s Bee Together wedding blog, was having a particularly bad day but when six gorgeous slices of cake were slipped through our letterbox, and I very graciously offered him  a crumb with a hot cup of tea, things started to look up. As you can see from the photo, Sweet Indulgent Cakes carefully wrapped our scrumptious gift with love and it all felt very special. Once it was unwrapped, our senses were awoken as you could smell the lemon and almost taste the Cherry Bakewell just looking at it. We couldn’t contain ourselves any longer so there was a mad dash to the sofa for a couples cake tasting (which we didn’t actually get to do for our own wedding) before our six month old baby boy awoke from his nap.

Vanilla with Strawberry or Raspberry
Starting with a household favourite, the Classic Victoria was light and fluffy with a sweet-but-not-too-sweet buttercream filling, and just the right about of jam. If you’re planning a big wedding and want a cake to please lots of different tastes, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this choice.

Double Chocolate
The Double Chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, made with a moist dark chocolate sponge layered with a creamy chocolate buttercream. My husband loved how rich it tasted and wanted the whole slice to himself.

Zingy Lemon
Before we delve into the next flavour, I want to start by saying that when I first met my husband, he was not a lover of lemons in general (unless they were in a strong G&T). So I was surprised when he tried half of the Zingy Lemon slice and said he would have welcomed a second helping! Packed full of flavour, but not at all overpowering, sweet but at the same time quite light and refreshing, I can picture myself eating this cake on a hot summers day.

Cookies and Cream Crunch
Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t like Oreos, so I was apprehensive about how the Cookies & Cream slice was going to taste. It’s described as a dark chocolate sponge filled with Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream and Oreo chunks, so it sounded very Oreo-y to me but I was amazed that this cake came together really well. The flavours worked and the Oreo’s really added something different to the buttercream. If you did like Oreo’s then this is the cake for you!

Cherry Bakewell
If someone had said let’s turn a Cherry Bakewell into a wedding cake, my response would be “Yes!! Put it in my mouth now!” You will be happy to hear that I was not disappointed. This was my personal favourite. The almond sponge was so incredibly moist and the almond buttercream and cherry preserve just elevated the flavour to heavenly heights. If you want something super tasty then this is my personal recommendation – I would 100% have this for my wedding cake flavour!

White Chocolate and Raspberry
My husband’s favourite out of the selection of six, was the White Chocolate and Raspberry which was delightful. White chocolate can often be quite sickly but this was anything but. Incredibly moreish, the raspberry really complemented the white chocolate and the sponge almost melted in our mouths. My husband is considering ordering a three tier White Chocolate and Raspberry cake just for himself (why not hey, he does turn 30 this year!)

All in all, we enjoyed every mouthful of these amazing cakes with our personal standouts being the Zingy Lemon, Cherry Bakewell, and the White Chocolate and Raspberry. Having said that, you couldn’t go wrong picking any of these flavours for your big day, or choosing Sweet Indulgent Cakes to bake you something really special. These cakes really stood out and Sarah couldn’t be more friendly and professional. Service really can a massive difference. They’re also really good value for the quality that you receive!

If you’d like to see more from Sweet Indulgent Cakes then check them out here and now I’m off to order a three tier White Chocolate and Raspberry 30thbirthday cake! Haha!

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